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Try these 11 wooden bathroom design ideas to give your bathroom a luxurious look

Wooden bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, and this is because incorporating wood into your bathroom gives it an elegant look.

 An added benefit of using wood in your bathroom design is that wooden bathroom elements last longer than traditional bathroom elements and are rare compared to regular bathroom elements. With wood being a natural material it’s a great eco-friendly option for this kind of project.

In this article, you will find some of the most exciting and fashionable use of wood in the bathroom. It is sure to inspire you to try out a wooden bathroom design for your bathroom. 

Wooden bathroom design ideas

1.Wooden bath panels 

Wooden bath panels offer more options as regards style and finish. One can choose a mosaic pattern, a dark finish, an ornately carved wooden panel, a plain wooden panel, or just about any design. 

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As such, they are preferable to regular bath panels. An added advantage of wooden bath panels is that they are strong and eco-friendly. There are many wooden bath panel ideas out there that you should look at to get inspiration for your bathroom design. 

2. Wooden sinks and baths 

Exquisitely sculpted and carefully handcrafted, wooden sinks and baths are made from the finest wood available. As such, they last for a long time. They add warmth and elegance to your house reminiscent of oriental bathroom styles. 

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3. Wooden tiled walls

Wooden wall tiles are becoming more popular by the day. They add elegance to your bathroom design, and you get to choose from several designs and patterns. However, original wood tiles can get destroyed by constant splashes of water. As such, many people prefer to use wood-printed ceramic tiles. They get to keep the beautiful wood design and use a waterproof material. 

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4. Wooden laminate 

They are a cheaper alternative to hardwood walls and floors. They also come in a broader range of patterns, shapes, and sizes than hardwood. They are also durable and scratch-resistant. However, they tend to warp when exposed to lots of water.

wooden laminate floor

5. Wooden accents wall

Accent walls are interior walls with a different design from the other walls in a room. Using wooden accent walls in the bathroom adds an element of finesse that is even more noticeable when compared to the plain color of the other walls in the bathroom.

There are several wood accent ideas out there that you could choose from. These include herringbone-patterned wooden accent walls, mosaic wooden accent walls, etc.

6. All wood bathroom

Consider going all wooden to give your bathroom a retro look. There are not many all-wood bathrooms out there, so having one would make you stand out and get lots of compliments from your guests. Another benefit is that it increases the warmth of your bathroom significantly. 

7. Wooden floor

Many people are exploring bathroom flooring options that incorporate wood due to its elegance and trendiness. Wooden floors not only add warmth to your bathroom but also contribute to an overall stylish aesthetic. However, it’s important to be mindful that wooden flooring can be easily damaged by frequent water splashes.

The aesthetic value outweighs these concerns for many people, and they are ready to commit to preserving their wood flooring. If you must use wood flooring, it is best to clean up spills immediately and treat the wood frequently to avoid decay. 

8. Wooden vanity cabinets

Solid timber wooden vanity cabinets are always a requirement for any bathroom. They are durable, fanciful, and practical. To give your vanity cabinet a more elegant look, consider going for a wooden vanity cabinet with a dark finish. 

9. Wooden embellishment 

Adding hardwood embellishment to a bathroom gives it a sophisticated and alluring look. This is especially true for bathrooms that already have hardwood elements. 

Consider using rustic hardwood with a dark finish to design your bathroom. This will create an antique appeal in your bathroom that you will fall in love with every day. 

10. Combination of wood wall and greenery

Wood and greenery combine well as they are both natural elements. Thus, combining these two elements in your bathroom will both add warmth and give it some of nature’s touch. Greenery is also great for improving the air in the bathroom. 

wooden wall plants

11. Wooden ceiling 

Wooden ceilings and false wooden ceilings are great elements to showcase your artistry when designing your bathroom. You can choose to match your ceiling with the flooring of your bathroom, or you can choose to create a contrast against your walls.

 A great idea would be dark finished false ceilings against lighter finished walls. This beautiful contrast will stand out and call a lot of attention to itself. 

If you are looking for some more design ideas or aren’t quite sure yet about using wood in your bathroom, it is always best to consult an expert and talk about your bathroom design preferences. 

In conclusion 

Incorporating wood into your bathroom design makes for a more luxurious and elegant style. However, it is essential to carefully consider the elements of wood you want to incorporate to know how to maintain them properly.

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