How to build your own triangle wood store

Up-cycling anything I could find this wood store was pretty straight forward to make.  Using a very basic list of tools this only took a couple of days to put together.  In this blog I’m going to show you how to build your own.  If however you want me to make one for you just get in touch via my contact page.

Tool list:

1. A good drill (I use a Dewalt DCD776S2T-GB 18V Cordless Combi drill which will set you back about £100.)

2. A 20″ hand saw. (£8)

3. Orbital sander. This isn’t essential but helps to smooth the rough edges of the wood which helps prepare for painting.  (A reasonable orbital sander will cost around £45.)


1. Long and short screws. Your going to need a mix of screws to join all the pieces.

2. Old garden fence posts. My brother had 5 old fence posts which were perfect for this project.

3. wooden cladding slats. Purchased from B&Q, costs £6.30 per pack of 10. I used 4 packs. (TIMBER CLADDING SMOOTH CLADDING (T)7.5MM (W)95MM (L)890MM)

4. Bed slats. I saved some slats from an old bed which were ideal for this job.

The Process

benjul16 (48)
Step by step guide
  1. Cut four fence posts to the same length (if required) and the 5th in half.
  2. Lay them out into two triangle shapes to work out the angles to cut. I used the grid on my patio to get them symmetrical.  Then with a pencil draw the cut lines on each piece.
  3. Cut the angles using the hand saw and fix the pieces together using large screws.  Drill pilot holes to ensure the wood doesn’t split.
  4. Paint the two triangles, I used standard fence paint. Forest green.
  5. Treat the wood with a good outdoor wood stain.  I used Cuprinol Antique Pine Softwood & Hardwood Furniture Stain.  Make sure you have a couple of layers to give good protection again the weather.
  6. Using the bed slats, fit the base ensuring there is sufficient space between the slats for air flow.
  7. Secure the top of the triangle with a couple of 2×4 treated wood.
  8. Secure the timber cladding starting from the top and working your way down.  Ensure they slot together so that water cannot get trapped in the grooves and fix with 2 x screws at each end.  Don’t over tighten.
  9. Add backing support if required.  This will stop the heavy wood leaning against your neighbors fence (in my case)
  10. Finally, cut a piece of drain pipe to length and fix to the top of the wood store with two long screws.

And hey presto, one completed children’s play house…  I mean wood store!benjul16 (55)


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