How to install dining room pendant lighting

From boring dysfunctional lighting to stylish, modern mood dinning lighting.  Let’s ignore the artex walls and ceiling (yuck!) and focus on the hanging lights.  We found these by accident in Home Sense in Gloucester after searching and debating on hundreds of shapes and styles through B&Q, Homebase and many online retailers.  Of course buying them was the easy bit, fitting them was the challenging part.  I’d never done anything like this before but I’d give it a try anyway.

First thing first, safety.  Electricity scares the b-jesus out of me.  I don’t like working with it but any keen DIYer needs to tackle it at some point.  So before I started I flipped the trip switch and double checked the lighting circuit was dead.  Then I carefully removed the existing lighting.  The next challenge was to work out how to get the wiring to two location about a meter away from the original spot.  I chose the two locations and drilled a 15mm hole in the ceiling.  Next I tied the additional cable to the end of my tape measure and fed them through the original hole inside the ceiling and hoped they would make it to the new holes!  Success, I was about 1cm short of one of the beams and nothing in between.  I think I got a bit lucky on this one.  After looking at several wiring diagrams I worked out the correct routing for the dual lighting and carefully connected everything thing up with choco blocks (AKA terminal blocks).  The lights came with the ceiling fixings which where easily applied and thats it really.  Job done.

If you want any more information on how i achieved this please let me know.


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