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I love retro furniture

Love these chairs.  Found them hidden in Zizzi’s – Cheltenham whilst sneaking around the upper floor with the kids.  It’s always difficult taking the kids out to a restaurant as they can’t sit still for more than ten minutes.  So when they decided they’d had enough of food and wanted to explore, I went with them!  This is quite a cool Zizzi’s, located in an old church just outside the centre of town with two floors and an amazing centre piece open pizza oven.  Worth a visit if you haven’t been and the food is pretty good too!

Anyway, whilst exploring I was quite surprised to find a number of cool retro style items up there including sofas, coffee tables, a three legged tall lamp and a number of other chairs and stools.  Why are they hiding all the cool stuff upstairs?

JPEG image-BC2B3B7A4C96-1

I’ve always been a fan of the retro look, especially the 60’s and 70’s egg chairs and bright orange side boards that appear to be coming back into many homes these days.  I’m keen to design and make my own retro desk so will be adding this to my project list.  I’ve never made a desk before so this is going to be interesting.  It looks quite straight forward, but I’m going to need to think about how any drawers will be constructed as I don’t have the tools or equipment to make dovetail joints.  Not the end of the world, but I do love a good dovetail!

Moving on to other cool retro style furniture, Victoria found this the other day for the desk in our bedroom.  It’s called a White Tulip Chair and is manufactured by a company called Milo.  They have a great range of products in a Scandinavian style and the best thing is, they are affordable!  This one was only £27.50 on eBay or £35 direct from their website.  Further more, I have to admit, they’re actually pretty good quality, they feel really solid.  Bargain of the week I think.


I’ve been working on this little upcycle project for my daughter Bella’s bedroom.  She’s five now and starting to bring more homework back from school and needs a good place to sit and work.  I bought the desk on eBay from a local guy for just £8 and painted it white and pink.  The paint was Rustins Furniture paint and only cost about £19 for the two colours.  So in total this cost me under £30 and she loves it.JPEG image-B2CAD1736A5D-1


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