Project checklist

My project list

With so many ideas floating around my head it’s probably time to formulate my favourites list and start ticking things off.  With so much inspiration on the internet it’s difficult to pull all these together but I’m sure my wife Victoria is going to help with this one.  Shes super organised and loves lists. 🙂

I think some of these items will take time to conceive due to the scale of the task and some will be quick and easy but in no particular order here we go:

  1. Lean to (veranda) on the back of the house
  2. Rustic wood shelves and wood storage in the living room
  3. Shelving unit for the TV
  4. Extend the chicken run and create more shelter
  5. Loft conversion with en suite
  6. 60s retro style desk
  7. Computer desk
  8. Living room side board
  9. Outside L shape (corner) seating area
  10. Garden annexe

The final one on this list is a biggie.  A fully installed garden annexe with kitchen and bathroom can cost upwards of £30k to have professionally installed.  I intend to do this for under £15k.  There will be some things I won’t be able to do on my own like the electrics as this will need to be done by a registered electrician and as you can read from my other article I’m not a fan of working with electricity.  Along with this project the loft conversion is going to require some professional support but I intend to carry out the majority of the work myself.  I think the main difficulty with these two is going to be time.  It would be great being self employed like my wife but I think that is some way off yet.

The other items on this list are relatively straight forwards so keep any eye out for step by step guides in my upcoming posts.  The first on the list (lean to in the garden) is going to be top priority as this one will allow me to work on my projects in all weathers, as at the moment I don’t have a workshop.  The majority of my work is carried out on sunny days.  Victoria would kill me if I tried wood working in the house so this is going to be key in my future projects.  Secondly I’d really like to make the Retro Desk.  I really love the retro style and it’s going to look great in our 70s house.  Check out my For the love of Retro article.

Heres a couple of inspirational pictures

chunky wood veranda
Chunky Wood Veranda
chunky wood posts
Chunky Wood Posts

As of yesterday I now have a few extra projects to add to the list.

I just got this bench from my brother and I’m going to restore it.  All the wood has been removed so its off to the timber yard for some new bits.  I’ll post a step by step guide of the restoration.

Cast iron and wood Bench
Cast Iron and Wood Bench

Thats it for now.  I’ll keep you all posted on progress.

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