Plastic waste can be turned into roads (and 20 ways to reduce plastic consumption)

If everyone made these simple changes in their lives the world would be a much better place to live 🙂

Healthy Vix

Plastic pollution is a huge problem and one that’s not going to disappear overnight, even with our best efforts.  Many plastics never fully decompose and tiny particles of plastic are left both on land and in the sea.  I was shocked to recently watch the documentary A Plastic Ocean and realise the full scale of this devastating issue.  Even though the sea looked clear from the boat, a scoop of the water proved it was not.  It was full of tiny bits of plastic that will never totally degrade.  These bits of plastic are then swallowed up by fish and birds poisoning them, if not killing them.  This plastic poisoning is then passed on to the many humans who eat these fish.  Plastic waste ending up in the ocean has huge consequences for the health of the planet, animals and humans.

I get frustrated on an almost daily basis with…

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