5 great reasons to install a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom

Aside from a bed, everyone needs a wardrobe in their bedroom.  It’s the second most important item of furniture required in your boudoir.  Unless of course you are lucky enough to have a dressing room in which case you can place yours in there!  But for most of us we have a bedroom which needs a quality bed and a quality wardrobe.  In our home we originally had freestanding wardrobes, but recently we have changed to a custom built reclaimed wood fitted wardrobe using pallets.  It looks great and by using unwanted materials it was an eco-friendly option too.  Having originally thought fitted wardrobes were outdated I have now changed my mind and realise there are many benefits to be had by installing a built in wardrobe.

Here are five great reasons to install a fitted wardrobe in your bedroom:


Custom made to fit your space

The best things about fitted wardrobes are they are tailored to fit your space and suit your needs.  They are designed to fit in the most awkwardly shaped bedrooms and can be at differing heights and depths.  It will make the best use of the space by going from floor to ceiling to wall without any gaps of space being wasted like with a freestanding unit.

Clever storage solutions

The inside of the wardrobes are also custom built and adaptable to your requirements.  It doesn’t just have to be hanging rails for clothes, but can incorporate shelves, drawers and baskets to give plenty of storage solutions for all sorts of items you need to tuck away out of sight.  You can even have areas of shelves without doors for books, photo frames and trinkets you want on display.  If you’re short on cupboard space in the rest of your property then this can be a solution to provide ample storage for all your bits and bobs.

Complement your interior

As the wardrobe is custom made you’ll be able to choose the exact materials and colours to suit the rest of your bedroom interior so it blends in seamlessly.  You’ll have a choice of several doors including sliding doors or even mirrors.  Choose a high quality finish and materials to ensure the longevity of your purchase.


Clutter-free living

Whereas you’ll be able to see the clutter placed on top of a freestanding wardrobe, this is not the case for a built in version.  With a free standing unit you’ll likely store belongings on the top, but you can hide them away and store them in a neater fashion in a fitted design.  As you can choose to go from floor to ceiling whatever you store in the wardrobe will be hidden out of sight.  You’ll no doubt have even more storage space than a regular wardrobe so plenty of places to hide unsightly clutter that usually spoil the ambiance in your room.

Easy to clean

The doors will of course keep the dust out of the inside, but by opting for a room height style there will be no dust to climb up and clean from the top of the wardrobe.  Simply dust the doors down every once in a while and job done.  The doors will keep the inside of the wardrobe dust free and there will be no top of the wardrobe to clean as there is no outer top side!

There are so many reasons a fitted wardrobe is a great investment including less cluttered living, a perfect storage solution and to create a visually pleasing bespoke piece of furniture to be proud of.


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