Choosing the right laundry tub

The laundry area is usually one part of the home that homeowners tend to neglect when designing a new home. Laundry rooms are often cold and dark because most people just throw their dirty clothes into the washing machine and then into the dryer. However, laundry rooms should be designed to look great as well as being functional. Fortunately, there are many options for small laundry rooms that are both stylish and useful.

Choosing the right laundry tub

Most small laundry rooms are not big on storage. However, large laundry tubs can be useful in modern homes where the need for storage is great. One of the smartest things you can do when you are remodelling your laundry area is eliminate your old laundry tub for a useful and more functional laundry sink. Also, instead of installing a large cabinet or wardrobe, you might consider instead installing stainless steel sinks that serve as the vessel for your washcloths. These sinks look great and are extremely functional.

Smaller laundry tubs can also have a benchtop installed underneath. This will allow for easy storage of folded laundry and other smaller items that are frequently used in the laundry room. A benchtop also makes it easier to do your washing and drying. When you are done you simply remove the folded laundry from the benchtop and move it to the main laundry tub. Benchtop sinks come in a variety of styles and colours to coordinate with your current decor. They are usually available in white, black, natural, and even pebble stone designs.

Choosing the right laundry tub

When you are looking at small laundry tubs, you will find that there are two basic types of vessel sinks to choose from. These are the freestanding and cabinet style sinks. Freestanding sinks are of course, free-standing. However, you must use a special drain to run the water from the tub to the sink. These types of sinks are not very practical if your laundry tubs have a limited amount of space.

Cabinet style sinks are the most popular in homes that have small kitchens. These are also the most practical option as they take up the least amount of space. The main problem with these types of laundry tubs is that one may have to cut the top off a kitchen sink to insert the stainless steel drain. Other than this and the occasional need to unscrew the drain, these are an effective solution.

You also have the choice of using mop sinks and laundry tubs. Mop sinks are very handy in many situations. For example, drop-in mops will have a high level of detergent capacity. These are generally sold with a stainless steel cap that fits snugly on the top of the mop. The water is dropped right into the cap and then the mop is emptied every time it is used. These types of maps are useful in bathrooms, but it is not practical for home laundry tubs.

Choosing the right laundry tub

Utility sinks are designed to be very versatile. This type of sink is the ultimate solution for people who live in very small laundry rooms or spaces. Some utility sinks even have the option of being attached to the wall. These types of sinks are often called “proper” laundry tubs because they are intended to perform the same functions as other types of sinks. People who have a laundry room with limited space will benefit the most from this type of sink.

There are several different styles of plumbing for laundry tubs. You should carefully measure the space that you have available for your laundry rooms. You may find that the traditional pipe is just too big. The good thing is that there are a variety of different plumbing solutions out there for people who have smaller spaces.

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