Top tips for setting up the perfect study nook for your child

If you have a child in school, it’s important that they have a space somewhere within your home that is dedicated to completing their homework. This is crucial, because if they try and complete it in the living room while someone else is watching TV, there’s no way they’ll be able to give it their full attention and their learning progress will suffer as a result. It’s especially important for them to have somewhere quiet to study if they are doing exams, like GCSEs or A Levels.

Read on to learn how to best set up a study nook at home.

Top tips for setting up the perfect study nook for your child

Of course, we’re not all lucky enough to have an office space or spare bedroom in our homes in which we can set up a study space for a child, but you may have a nook or corner somewhere where you can add a desk and chair. Try and set up near a window if possible, as natural light is far better for productivity. What’s more, it will be less likely to cause eye strain and headaches when your child is intently reading from a textbook or writing notes. If artificial light is the only option, encourage your child to take regular breaks to give their eyes a rest.

Consider storage and try to be clever with the space. The chances are, your child will have lots of books and folders, so they will need somewhere to keep them neat and organised. If there’s not enough room for a bookshelf, perhaps a floating shelf above the desk will suffice? Alternatively, you could just invest in some cheap plastic boxes that can be stacked under the desk.

Top tips for setting up the perfect study nook for your child

Speaking of the desk; make sure to invest in one that is an appropriate height for your child. If they have to hunch over or bend their arms in strange angles, they might end up with aches and pains, which will not help them with their concentration. Their arms should be at a 90-degree angle when they’re sitting straight in their chair. If you have the budget, then a bespoke handmade desk is a great idea to fit into your space perfectly.

If possible, try to make the study space as cosy and pleasant as possible. Perhaps you can add some personal touches, like photos or plants. Get your child involved in the decorating process if they’re old enough. Remember that the space should have limited distractions; if your child can see their PlayStation from the corner of their eye, they will probably rush through their studies so that they can go and play!

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Top tips for setting up the perfect study nook for your child

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