3 must-haves in your kitchen remodel design

If you’re like so many other homeowners in the country, then you spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen. Your kitchen is the place in which you prepare, cook, and enjoy meals, but it also tends to be the hub of activity and entertaining, which means it gets a whole lot of use.

Creating a kitchen space that is both functional and stylish is often one of the top things that homeowners strive for, and it can often take a fair number of renovations to achieve. This is exactly why it’s so important to have a well-thought-out design plan that covers all your wants.

How to get started on your kitchen remodel

Undertaking a kitchen remodel is an excellent way to improve your living experience. When considering any home improvement, homeowners are usually torn between doing a simple upgrade and doing a complete remodel, but the latter is better for giving your kitchen a new look, orientation, and function.

The kitchen is where food preparation and quality time happen. If your kitchen needs a complete transformation, then restructuring and remaking it can be the better choice. A remodel boosts the functionality, safety, and comfort of your kitchen. 

Make sure to plan your kitchen layout carefully with the right software for remodelers. In addition, seek expert advice from building professionals to ensure the success of your kitchen remodel. 

What’s next? Since you’re planning for a kitchen remodel, the heart of its success lies within the design layout. Therefore, here are some tips to ensure your new kitchen provides beauty, function, and efficiency: 

  • Get rid of wasted steps by placing together appliances that are needed in a specific task 
  • Optimize kitchen flow with the help of kitchen islands and proper appliance placement
  • Keep appliances away from corners or use low-profile handles instead 
  • Design wide walkways where there is enough room for walking
  • Plan your range area accordingly, where all cooking essentials are found in one spot 
  • Make recycling easy by using separate containers for each type of household waste

So, as you move forward with your kitchen renovation, here are three functional yet stylish additions you may want to add to the design plan.

3 must-haves in your kitchen remodel design

Natural stone countertops – the true highlight in the kitchen

It’s always a good idea to have one feature or element in the room that acts as the highlight and draws the eye to it. In terms of the kitchen, the countertop can act as this natural highlight specifically because it takes up so much space in the room.

While there are plenty of different directions you can go with the countertop material, natural stone is by far the most trending and luxurious material to use. Within the category of natural stone is granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, travertine, and onyx to name a few. You really have a number to choose from in different textures, colours, patterns, and even price points.

As you narrow down the options, you’ll want to be mindful not just of the cost and how it looks, but also what the maintenance is like, whether it provides natural antibacterial properties, how easily it stains, and how durable the material is.

3 must-haves in your kitchen remodel design

Customised cabinets – a kitchen worthy of a magazine spread

If your goal is to create a designer kitchen that looks like it came right out of the pages of a magazine, then customised cupboards are an absolute must. Not only do they look spectacular, but it gives you the ability to change up the layout in the room and the configuration of the cabinets.

Some of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage space, the cabinets aren’t well laid out, and the type of cabinet isn’t right for their needs. This is a chance to address all those issues and really come up with a smart solution that works with your lifestyle all while looking great.

3 must-haves in your kitchen remodel design

Luxury chef’s kitchen accessories

For those who have dreamed of having the ultimate chef’s kitchen, there are some must-have accessories you can add to the design. These include such features as a double refrigerator, an oversized range hood, an oversized cooktop, double build in dishwashers, and a large deep sink.

These are the kinds of features a designer can work on with you when creating the plan to ensure there is enough space for all these additions. You can speak to companies like Home Pro America for ideas, tips, and a design layout.

By including all these must-haves in your kitchen design, you’ll be creating a space you love so much that you’ll want to spend even more time in it!

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