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3 Reasons to replace your old boiler today

Replacing an old boiler might seem like a significant expense especially with everything we are hearing in the news today. No new boilers will be sold in the UK after 2035 and with rocketing natural gas prices there are certainly questions as to whether investing in a new boiler is necessary.

However, replacing an old boiler should be a priority for you as a homeowner. The risks of not switching to a new model could incur higher energy costs and additional expenses that are not needed as energy bills have already risen for millions of people. Most obvious reasons are the savings on gas bills. It’s difficult to predict how much you will save but the average saving is £300 per annum. This might not seem like much but could make a difference if your boiler is older and consumes more gas. This could make up for the loss due to higher gas prices.

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Greater chances of faults and loud, disruptive noises are more common reasons people switch to a newer model. Still, there are other motivational factors too. We explore what those are below.

Old boilers also use up to 50% more electricity than newer models which leads to higher electricity bills (£140 per annum).


The old ways are no longer the best ways. Energy consumption is now being monitored closely as the world attempts to evolve into a greener standard of living.

Your old boiler could be part of the problem here. If they leak, they can pollute the air with harmful gasses, and older models can typically be gas giants of their own anyway. They are less likely to be efficient as well, as they have not been engineered to reduce the user’s carbon footprint or enhance energy consumption. They are simply of a different era. 

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Investing in a newer model means you can look into condensing boilers for greater efficiency. You may also have access to greater control with smart heating technologies. Look into solar water heating as well. Ultimately, knowing that your boiler choices could help change the world should be enough incentive to replace an older model!

Ease and convenience

Replacing a boiler may have been an enormous undertaking years ago. Today, it is quick and easy, a great convenience to you rather than a taxing chore.

Be proactive and visit; all your boiler needs can be answered here. Note how they have the resources to handpick boilers to suit any home. They stock models from the most well-known manufacturers and brands, so peruse their stock and consult their expert guidance should you ever need it.

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Boilers can be a big investment, as well as a big change in a household. Making an upgrade with precision is essential, the services available today can help you see this process through without any problems. The entire process is far more manageable, so don’t delay changing boilers or talk yourself out of it. It’s never been easier.

Fresh warranties

Old boilers are constantly breaking down, but each fault can cause many expensive headaches if warranty periods have expired. Soon you may feel trapped in a costly situation.

A new boiler can give you additional peace of mind here, as they will likely come with a fresh warranty period. Many people have concerns over their rights with products and services and the type of support and benefits they are entitled to. However, a fresh warranty can keep matters straightforward in your mind, giving your safety net a figurative reset.

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The prospect of a new warranty may give you more confidence in your boiler selections too. Equipped with financial assurances, you may feel more inclined to choose a better make and model from a more reputable manufacturer. Test the waters while shopping around, and compare warranty periods where applicable too.

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