3 ways to make your property more marketable to tenants

Have an existing property that isn’t getting much attention from potential tenants? Rentals, apartments and flats, especially near the city, are always in high demand, although there is still a lot of competition. For those looking for ways to make a property more marketable, why not take a look at some of these tips on how to help make yours stand out above the rest.

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1.   Consider your tenant

Perhaps the most important factor to consider in making a property appealing to a tenant is to be aware of what they need it for and why they’re moving there. With student accommodation, for example, a great thing to consider is the property’s proximity to educational facilities, surrounding bars and restaurants, and internet speed so that they can complete work when not on campus studying.

A great way of covering all bases, while also saving some money, is to go for a sleek, minimalist look in your property, prioritising function and giving tenants the maximum amount of space to get on with their day-to-day. You can achieve this by clearing out clutter, keeping colours bright and uniform, and furnishing with tables and chairs that aren’t overstuffed or unneeded.

For those looking at becoming first-time investors, without a portfolio, looking at the area is also extremely important. Currently, London is a market that isn’t displaying particularly positive results, with high house prices and decreasing rental yields. Property investment companies such as RW Invest, the highest rated property investment company on Google and Trust Pilot, are offering properties in thriving northern markets such as Liverpool and Manchester in reaction to these developments.

2.   Give it a fresh coat of paint

Often, simple steps such as painting and decorating can rejuvenate a property, giving it a new lease of life (and hopefully a new lease as a result), but remember to keep it simple for both yours and the tenant’s benefit. Simple, clean colours such as white can give a room a bright and serene vibe, or if that’s a bit boring for you, then you can also add a contrasting feature wall to make the space pop a bit more.

Remember: When painting and decorating, or doing any sort of DIY, make sure you know what you’re doing, and you have the right equipment. If you’re not confident, get a professional in to help, as you’ll probably end up calling them down the line anyway, so you might as well get the job done correctly from the beginning saving time and money.

Want to switch up the feeling of a room but without the mess of painting and decorating? Why not keep it simple and game the system with some smart technology. Coloured light bulbs can be a great way of changing the mood of a room in an instant, either via control on an accompanying smartphone app or even voice control if you have a paired smart speaker. Modern flairs such as these make the space more memorable as a by-product, and thus again more likely to attract potential tenants.

3.   Maintain the outside

If your property has an accompanying garden or balcony, a nice way of making it look attractive to tenants would be to prim on the outside by, for example, planting some colourful flowers or pressure washing old flagging. This could help to set a good example on a viewing before the tenant has event stepped inside the property itself.

For any landlord or potential investor living a fair distance away from their property, or wanting to take more of a hands-off approach, maintaining a garden can be difficult with flowers and plants that need watering constantly. Have a look at some low-effort plants that can be left to survive on their own, with minimal intervention required.

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