4 considerations when building a wooden potting shed

If you want to upgrade your home garden to make room for new plants or simply provide a better environment for your flora, building a wooden potting shed is an excellent idea for your backyard. In addition, it’s a good place for you to store your plants, gardening tools, and supplies. But, of course, before you can decide on which type will suit your property, you should consider the following first:  

4 Considerations When Building A Wooden Potting Shed
  1. Design 

Most home gardeners want to have a better spot for their growing greenery, especially if their plants keep getting destroyed in an open area. If you’re thinking about housing your plants, then getting a potting shed is a good idea.  

But before you build a potting shed, the first thing you need to think about is its design. You may have some ideas for your plant shelter but won’t fit the terrain and space you have in your backyard. So, it’s best to determine if the shed design you want is feasible.  

You should keep in mind that you can’t build a wooden structure as big as your open area. Placing your shed too close to your fence can cause a lot of problems. The plants you’ll put inside may not get enough sunlight if there’s a wall blocking the shed. It would be best to pick a smaller shed that will fit your backyard and still leave room for a pathway and a small outdoor garden.  

If you’re worried about building a shed with the right design and dimensions, you can buy from South West Greenhouses instead, so you can ensure that your potting shed will fit your needs.  

4 Considerations When Building A Wooden Potting Shed
  1. Materials  

Building your own shed means you need to source all the materials yourself. But, of course, you can’t simply purchase wood panels and woodworking tools without knowing which ones you need.  

One advantage of having a potting shed at home is that you can protect your plants from external factors that can damage them, such as harsh weather or pests. It also keeps your greens warm during the colder seasons. This is why you must pick materials that’ll last for a long time.  

If you want to save money on wood, you can always use repurposed or sustainable wood. However, you should keep in mind that picking inferior materials to save some money will cost you more in the long run. In addition, you’ll have to maintain your wooden shed regularly, so it’s better to pick durable items that don’t require high maintenance.  

4 Considerations When Building A Wooden Potting Shed
  1. Amenities 

People who wish to have a wooden potting shed often use the space to store gardening tools and work on other things like repotting plants. If you want your shed to be your workplace, you can always customize it to your liking.  

You can add a nook where you can place a table or a counter for all your tools. You can also include a study or reading area if you have a spacious wooden potting shed.  

The best thing about having a shelter for your plants is that you can always make room for new ones. Unlike a greenhouse with glass walls, a shed is usually built with a wooden foundation and glass windows. This means that you can always install new shelves on your walls if you want to put more plants inside.  A self build wooden greenhouse is another option if you want to get creative and have a custom build to fit in with your garden design.

4 Considerations When Building A Wooden Potting Shed
  1. The plants  

Just because you have a potting shed doesn’t mean you need to transport all the plants in your garden to pots and store them indoors. Keep in mind that different flora will have varying needs, and if you carelessly put them in an environment that won’t suit them, they’ll likely wither and die.  

For instance, if you’re trying to grow herbs like basil, you can’t put it in a dark place that barely gets any sun. Basil needs about six to nine hours of sunlight daily, so if you’re putting it inside a shed, you need to ensure that it’s right beside a window. On the other hand, plants like spider plants or cactuses can thrive even without much exposure to sunlight. Hence, you can put them in an area that gets less light to make room for your other greens.  

You should determine what you’ll put inside your wooden shed first to know which plants should be repotted and which ones can stay in your outdoor garden.  

Final thoughts  

Gardening is a fun activity that can help you relieve stress and relax. It’s a hobby that’s beginner-friendly and convenient to do at home. Of course, as you become more involved in gardening, you’ll start to find better ways to house your plants, especially when you’re always having difficulties taking care of them. One effective way to store your plants properly is by building a wooden potting shed. It can work as a shelter for your plants and make it easier for you to manage your garden

4 Considerations When Building A Wooden Potting Shed


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