4 DIY bookshelf insert kits that add charm to your bookshelves

We all want our homes to reflect who we are. Perhaps nothing shows our individuality quite as much as our bookshelves. The kind of books we read, and the items we add for decoration, all help to show who we are as people. When someone looks at our bookshelves, they get a glimpse of what’s important to us and what we love.

That’s why it’s so important to show our personality with carefully chosen items that reflect our interests. If you’re interested in fantasy stories with beautiful settings, you may want to consider a bookshelf insert. Bookshelf inserts are a great way to take you away to another world where the stories in your books come true.

Take a look at these DIY book nook inserts that can help you to show your love of books!

Sakura Densya book nook

First, we have this Rolife Sakura Densya Book Nook Shelf Insert that takes you to a busy street in Tokyo in the Springtime. The train and sakura blossoms invoke a bustling Springtime day in this beautiful city. Did you notice the bookshelves in the window on the right side? What a great way to reinforce your love of books. The overall colour scheme is light and Springy and will complement the colors of the books on your shelf. This wooden puzzle kit is easy and fun to put together and comes with a light to highlight the details.


If you would like a bookshelf to insert with a bit more of a French or English village charm, take a look at the Rolife Sunshine Town DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert here. This wooden puzzle kit features a bookshop and a coffee shop with a backdrop of a beautiful town clock. This is definitely a great place to spend an afternoon. The overall colour scheme is warm and inviting and feels like a lazy, warm, summer day. This wooden puzzle kit comes with everything you need, except for 2 AAA batters to power the light.

Rolife magic house DIY book nook

Maybe you need some more magic in your decor? This Rolife Magic House DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert can give you just that. This bookshelf insert looks like a wizard or witch’s back alley, complete with a broom, a tree with an owl, and magical shops to browse in. This would fit in great next to your magical books and brings that little bit of enchantment to your bookshelf decor. The colour scheme is dark and mysterious and feels like a windy autumn night spent searching for magical items to buy. This wooden puzzle kit includes everything you need, except for 2 AAA batteries to power the light.

time travel diy book nook

How do we get to these magical locations? By train of course! This Rolife Time Travel DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert brings us to Time Station where we will board the train to be whisked away. The train station features chairs to rest while you’re waiting for the train and a clock to make sure the train comes on time. The train itself is beautifully detailed with a red plate on the front that says Time Travel. This wooden puzzle kit will really add that sense of movement to your bookshelf. The colour scheme is very bright and punchy and feels like a real train station. You would just need to supply 2 AAA batteries to power the light so that everyone can see the fine details.

You can see how these lovely bookshelf inserts would add a bit of whimsy and excitement to your bookshelf decor. And the best part is that they’re really fun to put together. The kits come with everything that you need except for the batteries, and you can put these together in a long afternoon. What a great way to express your individuality and your love of reading.

These bookshelf inserts also make great gifts. Young children can put these together under adult supervision, and older children will enjoy putting these together to express their love of literature. And of course adults love these kits too. So consider these as gifts for the people you love, or buy them for yourself. Show your personality with these lovely bookshelf inserts, and show the world how much you love to read.

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