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4 must have smart devices for your new kitchen

For some people, the kitchen may be where they spend the most time, especially if they like home-cooked meals. Therefore, having efficient smart kitchen appliances will make cooking easier and more enjoyable. This is where smart kitchen appliances come in handy.

Over the years, we have seen how some gadgets have improved in terms of their functionality and features. The same goes for our kitchen appliances; they have advanced through and worked in ways that might not have crossed our minds.

smart kitchen

The device isn’t called a smart device just because it can connect to the internet but because it is innovative and improves people’s lives in many different aspects. Most importantly, each device can be connected through the Wi-fi network, talking to each other and with the user to improve communication, which saves time for cooking, especially for a busy person.

If you are moving into a new home and want to bring technology into your kitchen but have no idea what appliances to buy, you are on the right track. We have rounded up some of the top smart kitchen appliances that you can buy.

Smart Toaster

If you love having toast for breakfast, but you constantly have to make do with a burned piece of toast, you will surely enjoy having a smart toaster at home. It uses smart technology to toast bread in a relatively shorter time than standard toasters do. Besides that, it offers a wider space to toast not only the usual bread but also bagels and waffles if you want to.

What makes it special is how you can customise your bread through the touchscreen. Once you have put in your bread, you can pick your preferred bread’s shade and crispness. Then, just wait until the bread pops up once it is ready. In addition, cleaning is also easy because the crumb tray is removable.

For the hard-core toast fan, you can find commercial-grade toasters from an industrial kitchen supply store that will transform the way you make the perfect slice. Whether you’re in a commercial setting or not, the speed and flexibility of these devices make it quicker and easier to make toast for you or your whole family.

Smart Fridge

A smart fridge is a high-tech device that functions on a barcode and RFID system. In simpler words, it works by collecting the data of the products, such as the manufacturing details, from the internet. For instance, when you store something inside the fridge, it detects the item and records the expiry date, so you don’t have to check multiple times.

Moreover, it comes with a display where users can check for available items inside without opening the fridge. Besides that, there is also an option for entertainment in which you can choose to play songs through the fridge. Although the speaker isn’t huge, it should be enough to listen to while cooking.

In addition, a smart fridge is equipped with an AI camera that can scan through the fridge to suggest any recipes that you might want to try. Hence, if you often find yourself confused about what meals to cook, you will surely enjoy having this fridge at home.

Smart Microwave

Moving on to the next appliance is the smart microwave that does more than just reheat the leftover. Just like the smart fridge, this appliance also works with a barcode to download any cooking instructions for the food. So, even if you throw away the packaging, you can still cook it easily.

A smart microwave has other features that are related to a smart device. This means, just through the home’s Wi-fi connection, you can connect it with other devices and use voice control, so it’s easier to give it instructions. Not only that, but you can also operate this appliance through your smartphone.

smart microwave

If you are not good at cooking, fret not because there is an option for detailed cooking guidance. For instance, when you choose a recipe you want, the smart microwave will read every step out loud for you, so you don’t have to constantly check the list. In addition, it will also provide you with step-by-step photos, which makes cooking so much easier.

Smart Coffee Maker

Having a smart coffee maker would make brewing way more convenient as it allows you to control the settings through your smartphone. Another plus point is that you can set the schedule. For instance, you can add the coffee grounds at night and schedule it to brew in the morning just before you wake up. This way, you can enjoy it to kick start your day.

Although it sounds way fancier, the installation process is just as easy as the standard coffee maker. You just need to plug it in, put the coffee ground, and with one click, it will start brewing. Apart from that, some coffee maker apps allow you to customise the water volume of the coffee. This way, you can get the exact size based on your cup.

A smart kitchen is the future and many new kitchens feature at least one new smart device. Whether it’s an Amazon Alexa or a smart fridge each have their place in the technological era we all live in.

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