4 signs it’s time to replace your old sofa

Looking at our sofa recently, after we had to wash the covers, we realised it is a little worse for wear!  There are several tears (that luckily we can hide by placing the cushions cleverly) and it’s just getting old and tired looking.  Not helped by the fact it’s had two kids crawling all over it, colouring it in with chalk and so on!  In the next few years once the children are a little bit older and more responsible, we’ll definitely be looking for a new and more stylish sofa to update our living room.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, and with the passing of time, your sofa may no longer be fit for purpose, for any number of reasons.  These are the signs that it may be time to replace your sofa.

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  1. Your life has changed

You may have moved into a bigger apartment, so your sofa looks lost in the larger confines of your space. Or you may have downsized, and your sofa now fills up most of your living area and you have little room to move around. There may be more people living with you, so you may need a larger sofa to fit all of your behinds. And you may have had kids, so you need something that is going to better stand the battering that your children may bestow upon it. So, whether you’re trying to make your home family-friendly or repurposing it for any other reason, it may be time to replace your existing sofa.

  1. Your sofa is no longer comfortable to sit on

Possibly because of the ravages of kids or the wear and tear that comes naturally with time, your sofa may have lost its comfort factor. The cushions may be flat, the back support may have collapsed, and springs may have snapped, causing your seats to sag in the middle. It is possible to fix your sofa; you can add pillow inserts into seat cushions, buy seat wedges, and fix broken areas, but it may be time to add something as comfortable and durable as a Chesterfield Sofa rather than putting up with your money pit of a sofa for much longer.

  1. The odour is not a pleasant one

The wear and tear is not only attributed to the mechanics of your sofa. There are all the smells that can build up in your cushions and fabrics too. With spilled drinks, leaky nappies, sweaty bodies, and pet stains, your sofa will show its signs of age with the smell emanating from it.  Of course, you can get it steam cleaned, and you can use baking soda to eliminate some of the smells and unsightly stains, but after years of use, it may be in your best interest to replace it with something new.

  1. You have re-decorated your home

Once upon a time, your brightly coloured sofa, with that orange and lemon print, may have closely matched the rest of your home’s decor. But after making a few changes to your living room, with a new paint job and added pieces of furniture to match the design, your sofa may now stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. Now, you could reupholster or replace the cushions to match your new decor, or you could shift the sofa into another room, but your better option may be to get rid of the old thing, especially if home decor trends have long since moved on from your now dated piece.

Is it time to replace your old sofa? Then show your generous side and give it away to a charity if there is still life in the old thing, or use it for firewood and scrap if it’s no longer fit for use. A new sofa could be just the thing you need, but remember to spend wisely, so you have something fit for purpose for many years to come.  And remember so sofa companies have long lead times, so don’t get ahead of yourself and get rid of that old one too soon!

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