5 benefits of engineered wood flooring

If you’re debating over whether you should install a real solid wood floor or an alternative, then you’re in the right place.  Today I’m going to share with you five benefits of engineered wood flooring.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Firstly you might be asking well what is this engineered wood flooring you speak of?   Engineered wood flooring is layers of plywood with a layer of hardwood on top.  It looks just like a real wood floor, but because of the way it is made it has incredible strength and stability.  This makes it incredibly resistant to many factors that a real wood floor isn’t.

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Five benefits of engineered wood flooring

There are plenty of reasons why this type of flooring is beneficial when compared to choosing a real wood floor.  Here are some of the benefits of engineered wood flooring:

1.     More affordable

It’s cheaper than solid wood flooring and because it’s more durable and resistant to certain environmental factors it can be a cost effective flooring solution in the long run.  Stories Flooring has an extensive selection of cheap engineered flooring. When comparing to carpets, it’s easier to clean and maintain with some brands offering a lifetime structural integrity warranty as well as a 25 finish and wear warranty.  I can’t imagine a carpet lasting 25 years and still looking great!

2.     Looks the real deal

Because it has a real hardwood top layer, it can be very difficult to distinguish between an engineered wood floor and a real wood floor once it is installed.  The real wood top layer makes it almost impossible to tell the difference!  Because it can also be more cost effective, more durable and more resistant to heat and liquid, it might just be even better than choosing real wood as a flooring option.  If it looks exactly the same, then surely it’s the better option to go with the one that is sturdier and cheaper?

3.     Resistant to environmental factors

Because of how it is constructed, it is very strong and stable.  It does not warp or expand with temperature variations.  Because it is so stable it can be installed in a number of ways such as using click technology to place it directly on a layer of underlay.  There’s no need to worry it will warp without be solidly fixed to the floor, like a real wood floor needs to be.  As it’s so sturdy, it can be fitted over underfloor heating and as it’s a lot more resistant to warping it can even be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Photo by Rahul Chakraborty

4.     Long lasting

It is a long lasting product with many brands offering extensive 25 year wear guarantees.  It’s unlike laminate which has an artificial top layer that can easily chip and peel; instead it has a real hardwood top layer that is extremely hard wearing.  Because of its real wood top layer, it can also be sanded a few times and retreated, making it, again, a much better choice than laminate flooring.  It will last much longer than some cheaper flooring like laminate and with a sand and varnish it will look good as new for many years.

5.     Easy to install

There are several ways to install engineered wood flooring, including with click together joints which are suitable for both professional installation, but also for DIYers.  If you’re able to install it yourself then you’ll save a fortune of having to pay for a professional to do the job for you.  Again, this makes it a great cost effective choice.

There are many reasons why engineered wood flooring is a great choice and potentially better than either laminate or real wood flooring.

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