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5 DIY tips for a total garden makeover

So, you’ve been thinking about doing something with the garden now for a few years and this year will be the one to make that transformation. Sadly, until now you’ve only been thinking of just how neglected it looks and that you really should be doing something about it. It’s finally time to put on the old thinking cap to get the creative juices flowing but, where to start? You know it’s just an eyesore and in its current state isn’t of much use to anyone for anything, so what should you do? Perhaps a few tips will help!

1. Begin with how you will use your garden

You really can’t begin doing anything at all until you’ve decided on what you want to accomplish with a garden makeover. Are you looking to create a lovely space to enjoy or perhaps you are going to do a bit of planting? Maybe you’d like to do both. It is possible to create a space for quiet enjoyment even in the smallest of gardens whilst also having enough space for a row or two of vegetables you can easily plant and grow.

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2. Is privacy a factor?

This may seem a bit irrelevant at this stage of the process, but you will see that determining the level of privacy you require can actually help you with your eventual layout. If you are going to do a total garden makeover with the aim of creating a quiet space to enjoy free from the chaos of family life, you will also want to ensure you are free from the watchful eyes of passers-by or neighbours. Planning the outline of your garden first helps you to determine just how much space you have to work with and also what kind of fencing best enhances a look you are after.

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To get an idea of the various types of treated wood fencing best suited to garden privacy and décor, check out sites like Mill Timber.  Not only can you order direct, but you can also view the various types of fencing to get much-needed ideas for what would best meet your needs in both form and function. While you are at it, you could also check out their other product lines for decking and landscaping as a sort of one-stop-shop for your garden makeover.

3. Find user-friendly landscaping software

Unless you are a techie, you might not be inclined to work with landscaping CAD software. Computer Aided Design, CAD, software makes it easy to do everything from planning measurements to laying out segments to creating a virtual ‘picture’ of how your garden will look once you’ve completed it.

Also, the remarkable benefit of CAD programs is that you can simply go in with the click of a mouse to move things around or even start back at ground zero, no pun intended. You won’t need to spend long hours with pencil and paper laying things out, doing the maths, or any of the other tasks of garden design that can have you working days just to get a basic plan outlined. It’s amazing to see just how far technology has advanced when it comes to user-friendly CAD programs for inexperienced users.

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4. Create in stages

Another thing you might want to do is upgrade your new garden in stages. Begin with those elements you want to use or enjoy first and build outward from there. For example, if your ultimate goal is to create a quiet space to enjoy a cocktail after long hours at the office, then start with that. Where would you like to place a few pieces of garden furniture that will conform to the space you have available?

Do you want to incorporate a bit of hardscaping to your design in the centre of your garden with vegetation surrounding your quiet space? Do you want to use ambient elements like a gently gurgling water fountain and soft LED garden lighting? The point is, if you want to use your garden primarily for a bit of relaxation, start there. If you want to grow a few vegetables     , start there. Only you know why you are anxious to affect a total garden makeover, so that’s where you should focus your initial efforts.

5. A word about sourcing materials

Within the past few years, we have become accustomed to ordering most of the things we use in daily life online. Of Course Covid was the reason for that with many shops periodically closing their showrooms, but that’s something many of us intend to continue doing! The ease at which we can find products, compare prices and find free delivery makes it well worth our efforts.

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Also, when sourcing materials online, don’t forget to check for discounts, daily deals and, of course, free delivery. Some products you will be using are quite heavy and if you had to pay the cost of shipping it wouldn’t make those deals you find as valuable as you had imagined. Not only will shopping online save you invaluable time, but you can often find deals that keep the cost of your total garden makeover within your budget.

Speaking of budgets

Perhaps this should have been mentioned sooner, but creating a budget is also of vital importance. Set aside the amount of money you are able to spend and perhaps a small percentage over that for contingencies. You would be surprised to know just how many homeowners begin creating their garden space only to find midway through that they’ve missed an element they’d like to include.

Sometimes this results in reworking the garden’s design in that above-mentioned CAD software and other times it just means adding a bit of money to the budget you’ve allocated. Just remember that if you build your garden in stages beginning with the most important elements, you can take your time with the ‘everything else.’

You’ve come this far and are finally going to do something about that eyesore meant to be a lovely garden. Don’t let a limited budget stop you. Do the work yourself on a DIY garden makeover, order great deals online and then stop in stages to enjoy the progress you’ve made. It’s a journey for sure, but one you’ll enjoy for the adventure alone. Are you ready? Let’s get started then!

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