5 easy ways to get your home ready for autumn

Brrrrr.  Autumn is in the air and winter is on its way.  We’ve had stormy weather here for two days now and have been layering up with hoodies and coats already.  I’ve also started getting our home ready for autumn and the coming winter.  I will share my tips to start to get your home autumn ready in this blog post.

Here are 5 easy ways to get your home autumn ready:

All the throws

The throws are back out!  Throws on the sofa and throws on every bed.  Save a bit on heating bills by snuggling up under fluffy throws in the evening to keep warm.  For softness choose fleece or soft velour styles and for luxury try a faux-fur throw.

Up-tog that duvet

Whilst we were all opting for sheets or no covers in that early summer heatwave that blessed us for weeks, those days will soon be long behind us.  Instead we’re going to need to change our duvets for something more appropriate for cold nights and frosty mornings, so opt for a tog suitable for warmth this autumn.  Dust off the duvet you stashed in the attic, or invest in a good quality one to last years to come.



Candles galore

There is nothing more cosy in the autumn and winter than candles!  They set a certain ambiance by providing low level lighting in the early dark evenings, but also fill the home with scents of the season.  Choose pumpkin spice, figs and blackberries to really give your home an autumn vibe.

Call the chimney sweep

If you are lucky to have a real fire or log burner then now is the time to call out the chimney sweep if you haven’t had it swept for one year.  It’s recommended to have the chimney swept once per year to keep it clear of any debris and blockages and ensure the flue is clean.  A build-up of anything can make the flue less efficient and even cause harmful gases to come into the home, so it’s an important job to have done.

Check the heating

We had a bit of a shock when we turned our heating on to test it and it didn’t come on at all!  Luckily Ben managed to work out what was wrong and fix it, but that could be a disaster if you wait until the coldest day to turn it on and nothing happens.  I’d suggest checking all your radiators or whatever heating system you have installed sooner rather than later.  Just pop it all on to check it works before the big freeze.  That way you can iron out any issues in plenty of time.

Autumn is all about staying suitably warm and cosy whilst crunching through leaves outdoors and enjoying a hot cocoa inside.  Wrapping up well when out and using extra layers of textiles around the home to create a snug living space that’s warm and inviting.

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