5 Heavy Duty Equipments You May Need For Home Improvement

Home remodelling can be an exceptionally cathartic activity. Out with the old, and in with the new. The sooner you complete your remodelling, the sooner you can live in a house that you want. Houses must reflect the owner’s personality. If you feel like your house no longer feels like something you’d want to live in, you should improve it. 

However, home improvement is no easy task. You have to go through several hurdles before you get what you want to do with your property, and then there’s the additional task of managing the planning and tasking for home improvement. Amidst all of this, you must also be aware of all the equipment you may need when you’re planning for home improvement

If the project involves demolition of any kind, you will need certain heavy construction equipment. We have made a list of some of the equipment you may need. It’s very unlikely you’ll be carrying out this work yourself, unless you are skilled in doing so, so these may be costs incurred hiring equipment for your chosen tradespeople.

mini excavator

1. Excavators

If you’re planning to take out an entire room from your home and repurpose the space, then you’ll need an excavator.  You can rent an excavator as it can demolish even the most sturdy structures so that you don’t waste time on the project. When you rent excavators, the company generally sends a drive, so you don’t have to worry about handling them. 

These excavators are commonly used for the following tasks:

  • Breaking ground surface
  • Digging holes for foundations
  • Handling, lifting, and transporting materials
  • Removing sediments and debris from bodies of water
  • Grading rough surfaces
  • Installing pipes
  • Mining

2.  Power generators

You probably won’t need power generators for a very long time. But when you’re paying for renovations, you don’t want something to halt because of a power outage. You might need to complete two or more tasks in a day, and some of them require you to shut down the electricity from the main switch for a while. You’ll be grateful for having a power generator handy for such situations. 

These generators make their electricity and are very useful. If a power outage occurs during an important remodelling phase, the house may be exposed to the outdoor elements, which can cause a serious hitch in your plan.  Some people buy up to two generators, so they have one in backup as the other one stops working. This extra measure makes sense if electricity is important for the remodel and time is of the essence.

3. Forklift 

Home renovations come with construction work that requires lifting some very heavy materials that you can’t move otherwise. You may have to rent a forklift to move materials with relative ease. There aren’t many construction sites that don’t use a forklift.


Trying to life overweight materials with standard equipment like a sack truck or hand trolley is dangerous. It can puncture tyres and damage the equipment. A forklift will come with commercial industrial tyres that are designed to handle heavy loads. During home improvement, you may have to rent at least one forklift. You can clear materials you need and even waste material using the forklift. If you’re reconstructing your driveway, a forklift will prove useful as it can carry heavy material through to a long distance. If you want something more environmentally friendly, you can even hire an electric forklift. Again, these may need driving by skilled tradespeople and you shouldn’t drive them without the relevant licence.

4. Skip

A skip is this large container in which you collect all your construction waste. These large cans can be lifted over a garbage collection truck, thus making the waste easier to get rid of. You can get skips for hire from places like J Dickinson. These work like a charm, taking care of rubble and debris that can become a serious annoyance for you and your neighbours. The sooner you clean your neighbourhood, the better it is. Thus, the skip lets you collect all the debris and dump it at once. Skips are sometimes used instead of dump trucks in home improvement projects because the rubble may not be that much. This is something you may hire yourself for smaller home projects. For larger renovations, your tradesperson will likely organise the collection and disposal of all waste, including hiring the skips required.


5. Submersible pumps and hose

Depending on the year when you’re conducting home improvements, you could have to deal with snow, rain or hail. Such conditions can make it very difficult for your to have clean ground to work on certain elements in the project. It won’t cause too much of a delay, but there may still be some delay. 

Water may pool in any depression, and in such cases, you need to bring in submersible pumps so they can get rid of any water, sludge or mud from the construction site. It can also push materials to the surface, so there aren’t any drainage problems as such. Mud can be a nightmare to deal with, and this equipment helps.

Final thoughts 

In your quest to improve your property, we cannot undervalue the importance of reliable construction equipment parts. It’s not just the heavy-duty machinery like excavators or forklifts that you should invest in, but also their parts. Equipment failure can happen anytime, and a delay in getting these parts can hold up your endeavor to finish your project quickly. Make sure that you always have quality spare parts at hand to keep the construction work going smoothly.

Home improvement can be quite a task. However, you must know what options you have in terms of getting help. You can rent and hire a lot of equipment that can make your project a lot easier to manage, and this is what you should do to save your time and effort.  Tradespeople will be able to advise what they provide and what you may need to hire to complete the project.

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