5 High-impact remodelling projects to enhance the value and beauty of your space

Remodelling can be helpful in many ways. It can improve the safety and comfort of your home, enhance its beauty, and potentially boost its market value.

Of course, different goals require varying types of remodeling approaches.

If you aim to keep your family safe and comfortable, your primary focus should be to repair or update any hazardous components of the house.

But if you’re looking for a way to make your property more appealing to buyers and increase its value, it would be best to focus on the following five high-impact remodeling projects:

1.  Reflooring

Redoing the floor is considered one of the most planned renovation projects in 2021. It can also be a relatively economical remodelling project homeowners can undertake, depending on the type of decorative floor involved.

Whether you decide to replace a worn-out carpet or an outdated flooring made of wood or tiles, having a new material installed can make your home look and feel fresher than ever before. You can even take this opportunity to incorporate a gorgeous new design that will make your property more appealing when it’s time to sell.

Remember, though, that considering trends when selecting a new flooring material is just half of the work. You must also think about its durability, appropriateness to the room’s use, and the value it can add to your house.

flooring options

2.  Vertical expansion and room conversion

Adding a second floor or a new room not only adds square footage to a house but also boosts its market value when it’s time to sell.

Of course, living space expansion isn’t limited to just building a new floor or room. You can also transform any available space that can be used for other purposes, like the ones featured below:

Attic conversion

There’s so much potential use for the attic than just as a storage space for antiques. In fact, it’s a part of the house that you can customize however you want.

Transform it into your kids’ playroom, a teen’s bedroom, a home office, or an additional recreational area for the family. You can also buy wallpapers online, install space-saving storage, and make the room your personal crafting or art space.

Depending on the extent of changes you wish to implement, you can also consider hiring a professional for planning the project. This way, you can ensure that your attic gets the proper insulation and structural modifications it needs based on your intended purpose.

Basement finishing

Like the attic, your basement can also be a great place to remodel. In fact, many home buyers are attracted to finished basements.

However, this may not necessarily add value to the property (at least not in the eyes of appraisers who only consider above-grade living space in their assessments).

basement conversion

Sunroom addition

Besides updating typically neglected areas, adding new rooms also help increase property value and market appeal.

Aside from the usual bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen expansions, sunrooms have proven to be a great addition for better aesthetics and real estate price, especially for properties with limited outdoor space.

Sunrooms can also serve various purposes – as a breakfast nook, workout space, play area, or green room. With the addition of environmental controls, it can also double as an indoor garden for sustainable living.


3.  Repainting

Are you tired of your plain old white walls? Or perhaps they’ve already gone past their fresh appeal and are in need of some TLC?

It may be time for a repaint.

Interior repainting was 2020’s most popular project. The trend continues as this has become the second most planned project in 2021 as well, per a report from Home Advisor.

Just keep in mind that, when engaging in a repainting project, you should pay very close attention to the colors used.

If you’re looking to sell your home, it would be best to stick to neutral tones for both interior and exterior paint. These shades allow potential buyers to envision a possible future living in the place.

Of course, you always have the option to use decorative paint finishes in some key rooms of the house to help it stand out in the market. One way to do so is through a feature wall.

Also called an ‘accent wall’, a feature wall can create a focal point in a room by drawing the eye with a bold color, texture, or pattern. Even a simple splash of design can affect how the different elements in a room look.

4.  Bathroom remodel

Many remodeling blogs consider bathroom renovations as one of the most impactful remodeling projects. In fact, according to a HomeAdvisor survey, bathroom updates are deemed the most popular renovation project of 2021.

Whether you’re selling real estate or just looking for something new in your house, this project could help you achieve your goals.

Since people spend a lot of time in their bathrooms, making them more efficient, comfortable, or practical is a great way to attract buyers and boost the value of your home.

Year over year, trends in bathroom and kitchen interior designs change. Today, modern toilets no longer just need to be aesthetically pleasing – they should also be water-saving and cost-efficient. Whether you plan to sell or not, such upgrades are definitely worth the investment.


5.  Kitchen update

Like the bathroom, people also spend most of their time in the kitchen, which is probably why this part of the house is one of the key rooms that home buyers look at and what most realtors highlight during open house visits.

Of course, you don’t have to do a major kitchen renovation to get your desired results.

According to Remodeling Magazine, minor kitchen remodeling projects like the following are enough to infuse new life into this space:

  • Swap out your cabinet’s fronts for raised-panel wood drawers and doors, along with their hardware.
  • Switch your cooktop and wall oven with a more energy-efficient model.
  • Replace laminate countertops.
  • Add an extra sink and faucet (mid-priced).
  • Install new floors or repaint the walls and ceilings.

Take note that kitchen updates will only add value so long as you don’t overdo them. If done thoughtfully and economically, you can expect as much as a 74 percent return on investment for this type of remodeling project.


Go for impact, value and comfort

The level of impact, value, and comfort that the right home remodeling projects provide are worth the investment you make. Consider the ones listed here, and you’ll surely reap more benefits than expected.


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