5 reasons to prioritise solar power during home installation

Energy is one of the most critical utilities to have in a home. In most houses, the primary source of energy is electricity, and homeowners utilize it to run appliances, heat, and light the house. However, costs are going up in generating this form of energy.  

To manage the rising costs, most homeowners are turning to solar energy to power their homes. People who want to install residential solar systems and use them as an alternative source of power have to install solar panels on their roofs. Though installing solar panels requires heavy investment initially, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment.

Solar power reduces the monthly energy bill, enabling you to spend the savings to meet other expenses. Besides reducing the cost of energy in a home, solar power offers several other benefits.  

If you’re a homeowner, here are five reasons why you should prioritise solar power installation in your home:

5 Reasons To Prioritise Solar Power During Home Installation

1. Solar Power Requires Low Maintenance 

Maintaining solar panels isn’t as costly and time-consuming as many people think since they’re highly durable. They’re long-lasting and can go for years with minimal maintenance requirements. If a professional like Albany solar power installs a system in your home, the only thing you’ll need to do is to wash off dirt from the solar board surfaces several times a year. Using a garden hose, you can clean the solar panels with ease.

If you’re unable to do this on your own, you can get a professional to clean the boards for you at a minimal cost. If you live in an area that receives occasional rain, you won’t need to spend any money cleaning the solar boards as the rain will wash the dirt off for you.

2. Solar Power Is Green Energy 

As a form of renewable energy, installing solar power enables you to reduce your home’s environmental impact by keeping your carbon footprints low. Once installed, solar panels convert photons from the sun into direct currents that flow to your inverter. The direct current is translated into the alternating current before sending it to the AC in your electric box.  

In doing this, the solar panels only require clean water to operate. This makes solar power a clean source of energy with no greenhouse gas emissions. With the self-sufficiency that solar power offers, installing it in your home is a great way to contribute to environmental conservation.  

5 Reasons To Prioritise Solar Power During Home Installation

3. Solar Power Provides A Reliable Source Of Energy 

Installing solar power in your home allows you to reduce your dependence on electricity. With solar power, you’ll be able to generate electricity for your home from the roof using solar panels. This makes you less susceptible to power surges and blackouts that affect the traditional power lines.  

Conventional electricity is generated from non-renewable sources that are often limited, which results in high production costs. Solar power cushions you from such expenses because its source is renewable as long as the sun is present. This means you’ll have an unlimited power source and won’t have to worry about it getting depleted.  

4. Solar Power Boosts Home Value

Homeowners are always exploring new ways to increase the value of their homes. The majority of them take on home improvements and repairs to achieve this. But if you want to enhance the value of your home and sell it for a higher price in the future, you need to prioritise installing solar power.

This system saves you money every year and also increases the value of your home significantly. Prioritising solar panel installation is an improvement that’ll benefit anyone who buys your home. The good thing about it is they’ll be willing to pay for that.  

5. Solar Power Installation Earns You Tax Credit 

Prioritising solar power during home installation is a great way to earn tax credits. To encourage the use of clean energy, governments offer tax incentives to homeowners that install residential solar power systems. Besides having a power source that’s highly reliable, clean, and affordable, installing solar power can offer you tax credits or at least a tax-free installation.  


Prioritising installing a residential solar power system in your home can free you from the rising cost of electricity since the sun is a renewable source of energy that’s also free.  

Although you’ll need to make a hefty initial investment to acquire the system in your home, you’ll recoup your investment over time by enjoying low energy and maintenance costs. The reliability of solar power coupled with the increased value of your home is a great reason to prioritise its installation.

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