5 reasons why you should have an outdoor kitchen

When you are looking to add something new to your home, you might come across a lot of different ideas. Maybe you could add a swimming pool? Or decorate the front porch? These are both good ideas, but a lot of people are turning to outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen presents you with the opportunity to remodel your home while giving you an alternative to the kitchen you already have. An outdoor kitchen also has a lot of benefits, some of which we will look at below.

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It increases your home’s value

If you search through Zillow for the prices of homes that have an outdoor kitchen, you will notice they are often listed and sell for about 30% more than homes that do not have one. Whilst they are popular in the US, they are also gaining popularity in the UK too with various cooking features such as outdoor pizza ovens or wood fired stoves.  Outdoor features and amenities make a huge difference to the final value of a home. Even if you build the outdoor kitchen to use today, know that it will make a huge difference should you ever decide to sell your home in the future.

It increases living space

One of the reasons why outdoor kitchens are continuing to grow in popularity is because they expand your living space and help you make use of space that was previously unused. This helps you get better use of all the space you have available, both indoors and outdoors. An outdoor kitchen also helps bridge the indoors and outdoors making the house feel bigger than it actually is.

There is also no limitation to what you can do with an outdoor kitchen if you have enough space. You can add chairs, tables, counter spaces, and a lot more to make it feel a lot more homely.

It is great for entertaining

An outdoor kitchen gives you enough space to entertain without having to think about your house’s inner constraints. If you have a large enough backyard, you can entertain as many people as you like. If you have some furniture out there, people can socialise, get to know one another, or watch as the chef works their magic.

It lowers your energy bills

Running an indoor kitchen increases the temperature inside your house. This issue is amplified when you cook indoors in the summer. With the high temperature and the addition of extra heat from the kitchen, you might even have higher energy bills in the summer to cool the place down!

An outdoor kitchen eliminates this problem by keeping the kitchen’s heat outside and the air cooler inside.

It makes cooking easier and faster

When you use an indoor kitchen, you might have a maximum of two people cooking at the same time. With an outdoor kitchen, that number depends on how large your space is. You can have as many cooks as the space allows. This makes it easier to finish complex meals and reduces the amount of time it takes to cook a full course meal.

An outdoor kitchen also makes things easier by ensuring people do not bump into each other as they cook. This happens quite often in an indoor kitchen which leads to accidents, messes and frustrations.

If you have the space, you should consider getting an outdoor kitchen. It is one of the best ways to entertain and host a large number of people without having to rely on the indoor kitchen or running in and out multiple times when serving the food!

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5 reasons why you should have an outdoor kitchen

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