5 simple ideas to transform your garden

For many green-fingered people, looking after their garden is one of their top priorities, but this can be time-consuming and costly.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your garden, but you don’t have the time to spend days landscaping, nor the money to hire someone to do this for you, we’ve found five simple ideas that you can try at home to transform your garden!

5 simple ideas to transform your garden

Lay artificial grass

If you find that cutting the grass is a chore rather than a technique that you use to destress, you might want to consider laying artificial grass.

This will save you time in the future because you won’t need to cut it, and this allows you to get rid of your lawn mower!

It also allows you to have impressive grass all year round, which helps to keep your garden looking attractive.

Paint your fence

Adding a touch of colour to your fence can actually make your garden appear brighter, tidier and cleaner.

You can stick to a usual brown colour, or opt for a white colour if you want to try something different.

To make sure that this colour lasts, you should consider weatherproofing your fence, so that your painting efforts don’t go to waste!

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature can spruce up your garden, and even transform it into a peaceful paradise.

There’s no better feeling than kicking back in your garden in the sunshine, listening to the birds tweeting and your water feature trickling to add a calming white noise layer to your garden.

Water features can be as complex or as simple as you make them, and can be something you can make at home too!

5 simple ideas to transform your garden

Vary your plants

You might need to do a bit of research to find plants and flowers for your garden that will bloom at different times of year, which will mean that there is always a dash of colour outside your windows, no matter the season.

If you don’t have much ground left in your garden to plant new things, you should consider adding seeds to pots and putting a trellis on your walls so that you can grow vines or climbing plants.

They take up space upwards, where other plants won’t grow tall enough to reach, as opposed to your usual bedding flowers that take up room horizontally.

Grow your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit can be extremely rewarding, especially if you’re an avid cook in the kitchen!

While you might be limited by your country’s climate as to what you can grow in your garden, you should be able to grow different vegetables at different times of the year.

You can actually construct a greenhouse, if you have the room, so that you can grow certain summer vegetables and fruits all year long, regardless of the winter frost.  If cost is an issue then check out online marketplaces to find a second hand bargain.

Final thoughts

Even if you don’t try out one of these ideas, these transformation tips should have inspired you to get outside and finally work on those neglected areas in your garden that you don’t want to be an eye-sore anymore!

There are plenty of different ways that you can transform your garden, even with limited time or money, so get stuck in.

5 simple ideas to transform your garden

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