5 things to consider adding to your backyard

If your backyard is currently a blank canvas, now is a better time than ever to take advantage of this great weather and update your garden. Of course, countless options, limited space, and budget can all be reasons that make it difficult to choose exactly how to improve your garden.

A good way to start would be to consider what you want out of this space. Do you see its potential as an entertainment area to socialise with loved ones? Do you want to start a garden and grow your own produce to save money? Or do you simply want a clean, attractive space to relax and unwind after a long day? Perhaps you want an area for all of the above!

To inspire you, here are five solutions:

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A great way to make the most of the space in your garden that’s closest to your home is to build a patio.” You have two options, DIY the patio using a patio kit, or get experts like Trueline to build your patio roof without any hassles. Using components such as sliding doors and a roofed veranda on the back of the house will let you tailor just how “outside” your patio is, allowing you to enjoy it come rain or shine.  Sliding or bi-fold doors can really make the patio feel like an extension of the house and an extra room. For more information, here’s a guide to how to plan your outdoor room.

Edible garden

There are so many different fruits, herbs, and vegetables that can grow in your backyard, which makes an edible garden a great way to make use of any empty space.  It’s also so satisfying to eat produce that you have grown yourself. You can grow veg in containers or raised beds to keep things neat and tidy, or this may be your only option if you only have a patio garden with no grass. Tending to your vegetable garden is both enjoyable and relaxing, not to mention the money you’ll save on groceries!

Outdoor kitchen

If entertainment was the first thing that came to mind, an outdoor dining kitchen might be the perfect solution!

You’ll need an outdoor grill or perhaps even stone oven or a smoker.  If you have the space and the plumbing then an outdoor sink is a handy feature.  Throw in in a stylish floor, a roof or extension from your home’s roof and a few appliances such as a fridge, a beautiful long table and benches and you’ll have yourself the ultimate space to entertain family and guests.

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Sure, swimming pools are great, but only really in summer. A jacuzzi, on the other hand, can be enjoyed year-round. Jacuzzis are a great way to enhance the look of your backyard, giving it a stylish and elegant feel. Depending on your budget, additional elements such as a sauna, whirlpool or other spa features can be incorporated to elevate the space.  If you add a roofed veranda over your hot tub then you can use it in all types of weather and different seasons.

Flower garden

Maintaining an edible garden can sometimes take a bit of work and perhaps you prefer something more visually focused. A display of beautiful flowers can add a sense of natural beauty and a pop of colour to your garden or patio. Go for a range of seasonal flowers for a new look at different times of the year.  Flowers in addition to fruits and vegetables are a great idea as they’ll attract the bees you need to pollinate your food.

Regardless of what you end up adding to your backyard, the time and effort invested into making it a reality will quickly pay off. Your home will look better, serve more functions, and possibly increase in value at the same time.  It will also make you want to spend more time in your own outdoor space and even invite others over to enjoy it too.

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