5 tips on maintaining your air conditioning unit

Maintaining your air conditioning unit should not just be for summer, but a regular maintenance task to ensure it works properly throughout the whole year. Like any areas in your home requiring upkeep, it’s advised that your cooling and heating units also need to be in their perfect running condition at all times. 

Doing so will ensure that they’ll function properly and last for a long time. When you do the following maintenance tips, you can save money on repairs and even on replacements. You’ll get to enjoy suitable AC temperatures anytime you need your indoor air to be either cooler or warmer.

Add on the following air conditioning unit maintenance reminders on your routine so you can maximize AC performance all year long:

maintaining your air conditioning unit

Replace your air conditioner filters  when maintaining your air conditioning unit

One of the most essential air conditioner maintenance tasks is to replace the air conditioner’s filter. There’s an option to wash and clean them if you’re using reusable filters. It’s advised to do this every start of a new season each year. With this, you can have clean filters on your AC when you decide to use them either during spring, summer, winter, or fall. 

A dirty filter is said to decrease airflow as it’s clogged with dust, dirt, and allergens. This increases the load on your system leading to rising electricity bills. As the air in your home becomes dirtier and dustier, it may adversely affect the air quality inside and cause allergy and asthma symptoms for residents. Imagine how this will affect the health of your family, especially children and elderly loved ones. 

Installing a high-quality air filter is believed to be the best solution out there for maintaining your air conditioning unit . Consider inquiring from AC inspection services in your locality and they can recommend the best AC filter to use. 

Consider upgrading to a filtration system that does more if you have allergies, asthma, pets, or live in a usually dusty area. A price gap with these filters will be totally worth it when you ensure the best air quality for your family. 

Check your air conditioner coils  

Evaporator coils and condenser coils of an air conditioner accumulate dirt over time. The evaporator coil will not quickly become dirty if the filter is clean. It’ll, however, continue to gather dirt as the days pass by. As a result, dirt reduces airflow through the coil, insulating it and reducing its ability to absorb heat. Additions such as UV lighting can be installed to prevent the build-up of bacteria or mould around cooling coils. You can read more about how UVC lights can benefit your HVAC installations here.

Regularly checking your AC’s coils is said to be important. Annually, when maintaining your air conditioning unit, you should check and clean your evaporator coil to avoid this problem. 

A dusty outdoor environment or foliage nearby can also make outdoor condenser coils very dirty. Condenser coils can quickly be inspected for dirt accumulation on their fins. Check this area to know how your AC coils are functioning so far. The area around the condenser unit should be free of dirt and debris to allow adequate airflow. 

maintaining your air conditioning unit

Hire an air conditioning maintenance professional

Summer heat is dispersed by the fan on top of a condensing unit or a heat pump situated outside. Dirt, pollen, and grime frequently adhere to the metal fins of the condensing unit. To clean the outside of the unit, spray it with water a few times each season. However, doing these tasks require extra care as the AC’s fins are believed to be highly sensitive. It’s best to hire an AC maintenance specialist to carry out such maintenance tasks.

Have your drain pan checked, as well as your drainage system, blower compartments, coils, voltage, and all the other AC components. AC and heating equipment servicing is believed to be best performed in the spring. Furthermore, with a professional AC maintenance professional’s guide, you can take on efforts to lead a green lifestyle.

Don’t overlook the wirings 

Turn off the air conditioner’s power before you perform any inspections of its wirings. Check if your condensing unit has any burned or broken wires after removing its access panel. Some homeowners forget to check wiring connections which are also imperative in maintaining the AC. 

Look for excessive pitting on the contactor switch. Replace them when needed. Make sure that there aren’t any loose wires throughout the AC house. When dealing with wiring connections and components, it’s highly recommended to seek the help of a licensed AC professional. 

maintaining your air conditioning unit

Check the thermostat 

To keep the temperature in your home at a conducive level, your thermostat is an essential part of any AC maintenance checklist. An automated thermostat controller is worth investing in if you’re currently using a mechanical thermostat. The perk of having an automated thermostat is that you can remotely control your AC’s temperature and other settings. 

Whether you have a mechanical or automated thermostat at home, it’s advised to inspect them if they’re functioning properly to determine if they need repair or replacement. 

Conclusion for maintaining your air conditioning unit

Air conditioning maintenance is said to be essential for maximizing your unit’s performance. Checking the condition of all your AC parts is an indispensable part of AC upkeep. By maintaining the electrical and mechanical systems, you can ensure that they work safely and in their best conditions. Although cleaning your unit can be done by yourself, it’s best to hire professionals for other more complicated maintenance tasks concerning your AC.   

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