5 tips to keep your home spotless

Keeping the home clean can feel like a full-time job, especially if you have children or pets constantly making more mess for you to tidy.  But there is good news.  By creating a workable system, you can reduce the amount of work it takes to keep your living space clean.  In this blog post you will discover some great tips on how to keep your living space clean and looking fresh.

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1.     Have the right cleaning equipment

Cleaning is going to be even more of a chore than it already is if you don’t have the right equipment to do the job properly.  You can, for example, buy a cordless hard floor cleaner to clean and polish any hardwood or vinyl flooring.  Having the right tool for the job will make the process a lot easier and quicker.  Plus it will give the best result.  Even better, this kind of machine has its own battery, so there are no cords to worry about. Simply charge the cleaner in a corner of the kitchen and it will be ready to take the hard work out of cleaning your floors.

Investing in the right equipment depending on the sorts of floors and furniture you have to clean will make cleaning a breeze.  There are so many devices that are designed to take the hassle out of housework, so shop around and find the ones that will make your life easier.

2.     Don’t get lazy

It is oh so easy to become complacent, yet by missing the odd job, you are making more work for yourself.  If ad-hoc cleaning isn’t working for you, then create a cleaning plan in which you clean certain parts of the house each day, perhaps one room per day.  Then by the end of each week your whole home is clean!  This divides it up into manageable portions and stops it feeling like a massive challenge to have to clean the whole house in one go.

By sticking to your planned routine and making sure you have all the cleaning materials you need, you can easily make light work of the various daily tasks. It can be a challenge to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at home if life is busy, but you have to devote some time to carry out the cleaning if you want your living space to be clean.  Turn up your favourite tunes, see it as a workout and make it less dull each time!

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3.     Create a routine

As mentioned in the last point, a cleaning routine is something that makes cleaning an entire home more achievable. A whole house might seem daunting and too time consuming, but by breaking the home into rooms or certain areas and tackling one per day, then it is more realistic and approachable, even for the largest of houses.

Cleaning is something that must be done on a daily basis and so if you have a family, why not delegate some of the household chores to other family members?   Getting everyone to chip in will make the workload lighter for each person and ensure the chores are distributed evenly.  You can create a rota whereby everyone has their daily chores and over a week everyone gets the same tasks, only on different days.  Pin a copy onto your kitchen noticeboard or fridge and everyone will know what their duties are each day.

There are great articles you can find online that give you advice such as ten tips on cleaning the house if you or your household members need more advice to make cleaning easier.

4.     Make the best use of technology

Don’t be afraid of technology as it really can save time and make household chores so much easier.  You may be used to doing something a certain way, but it’s not always the most efficient.  If you’re looking to spend less time cleaning then you need to be open to new technology.

Cordless items are becoming commonplace which helps to save time as you don’t need to keep pulling the plug out of each room.  There are even robot vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers hitting the stores now which can drastically cut down the time we spend cleaning as entire tasks are done automatically by machines.  Things are really progressing!

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5.     Enlist the help of the children

If the children are tasked with cleaning their own bedrooms this will save you a lot of time.  If they lack motivation then try a reward system where they get a small prize if they complete daily tasks. Make sure tasks are age appropriate.  Easy tasks could be putting their dirty laundry into a basket, picking up toys or putting their own clothes away.  Every little helps.

If cleaning is overwhelming then creating a plan is the way to go.  Sharing these tasks equally among household members and even getting the kids involved will make much lighter work of the household chores.  Your house will be sparkling before you know it!

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