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5 unique hallway storage solutions

Maximising your storage can be tricky, especially with some older houses. They just weren’t designed with storage in mind. Coming up with unique ways to maximise your hallway storage space can be difficult but I’m hoping some of these ideas will give you some inspiration.

5 unique hallway storage solutions

A clean and tidy hallway can make a huge difference to our mindset, as it’s the first space we see when we get home. Without suitable storage, shoes, coats, bags, sunglasses and keys start piling up, get scattered around the house and can easily get lost. When we create specific places for our things, giving each items a home, we become more organised which helps alleviate the stress.

Number one – A shoe rack or shoe shelving

Shoes have to be the number one items that live in the hallway or near the front door. They often get left on the floor near the door and if like us you have kids the shoes get thrown all over the hallway. With some simple shoe storage this problem disappears.

Simple shelving can make a big difference. Each person has a dedicated shelf which is easily accessible. To make things a little more unique you can add a splash of colour or colour code each self to suit each family member.

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Shoe racks can also be slim so that they don’t intrude into the space. They can also be in different design styles to suit your specific interior decor tastes.

Combined with seating a shoe storage bench can make the perfect addition to your hallway. You can find custom made sizes and styles to fit specific spaces and match your home decor.

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Number two – Fitted hallway wardrobes

By far the best way to maximise your storage is to install custom wardrobes that will make the most of your space. These wardrobes will be completely unique and made specifically for your home. Fitted hallway wardrobes can be made to fit all your specific items. Coats, shoes, vacuums and all your other items can have their specific homes. Drawers, doors and shelving can all be specifically made to fit whatever and wherever you like.

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Finding the right company for the job can be tricky but rest assured there are companies that specialise in this kind of work. Their tailored skills are focused on joinery to design and create your perfect setup. For those based in London, Urban Wardrobes are setup for this specific task. Check it out for some of the most unique and creative designs.

Number three – A key and sunglasses rack

Having your sunglasses and keys easily accessible is an important factor for our family. Having to scramble around the house looking for things is now a thing of the past. Something simple like a row of hooks can make all the difference. You can take it one step further and having something unique on you wall to easily hang or store your valuable items.

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Have something custom made in your style or find the ideal bespoke setup to suit your home decor. You can choose something plain or go for the contemporary look. There are so many great options.

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Number four – Under stair drawers

Making use of unused space is perfect for smaller homes. Most people will have dead space either underneath their stairs or above them so why not take advantage of this. You could hire a professional for this job or have a go at building under stairs storage yourself. Adding funky colours can make this project fun and completely unique to your own styling.

Complete under stair drawers
Complete under stair drawers

Add drawers, cupboards, shelving or a little house for the kids to play in is an amazing way to give your hallway the wow factor. It becomes a talking point for friends and family and most importantly creates space for all you things. We used ours as shoe storage and a laundry basket but you will find what works best for you.

Number five – A storage bench

A storage bench is a dual-purpose item that acts as both storage and a place to sit, more often than not whilst putting your shoes on. You can get creative with this and take it a step further. Make this a feature of your hallway with custom colours, shapes and storage solutions. These items can be custom-made to suit your requirements.

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The rustic industrial look is quite common these days but unique designs are popping up all the time. If you want something a little different then there is always going to be someone out there that will specialise in this style.

industrial rustic wood bench etsy

Even the nostalgic themes of military simplicity can exist in modern spaces. Benches and storage can be crafted from old weapons crates for a completely unique piece of practical furniture.

weapon crate storage etsy

So there we have it. Five unique ways to maximise your hallway storage. If you didn’t find what you were looking for today, don’t worry. Find a local joiner or a specialist storage solution company to design and craft your ideal solution.

Thanks for reading.

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