5 ways to cut costs on moving day itself

Moving house can be a very stressful and also costly experience.  If you’re selling and buying a home then the fees, stamp duty and solicitors costs can be in the thousands.  Even the tens of thousands according to this article by Which.  Even if you’re renting then the costs can be in the hundreds, or thousands, with reference fees, deposits, upfront rent and more.  Then there’s the move day itself.  Now this can be costly, or you can save a few pennies by being a little savvier with how you move.

Here are 5 ways to cut costs on moving day:

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Do it yourself

There’s no doubt about it – hiring a removals company is costly business!  If you can then move everything in car loads.  This is going to be your cheapest option, especially if you can rope in friends and family members with cars to lighten the load and reduce the number of car trips.  If you have furniture to move too, then consider hiring a van to drive yourself.

Or at least pack yourself

Sometimes you can’t hire a van yourself or move in car loads, especially if you need to move in one go or your relocation is far away.  If you do need the assistance of a removals company then save money by packing yourself.  Sure, they can do it all for you, but at a substantial extra cost!  Prepare early and pack your own belongings yourself.

Sell things before you move

If you’re getting new furniture in the new place, or your existing stuff won’t fit, then make sure you sell things before moving day.  Otherwise you’ll be lugging a bunch of stuff to the new property and paying a fee (or for extra fuel) to move it all there.  List things on eBay and Facebook Marketplace with plenty of time to spare.

Stock up on free boxes

Buying cardboard boxes is expensive business, so start saving all the boxes you can from online deliveries as soon as you know you are going to move.  Ask local stores and businesses if they have any spare cardboard boxes.  They might be glad to get rid of some!  Ask your friends and family members to keep boxes for you too as it will save a small fortune over buying new.  If you do need to buy some then check out some bulk listings on eBay for some really great prices.

Always check for cashback

Never book a removals company or van hire without first seeing if the company you have chosen is on Top Cashback or Quidco.  If they are then you’ll get cashback at a later date simply by booking through the cashback link.  At the time of typing I can see a company called Any Van on Top Cashback, but they regularly update with different offers and companies so always check again when you are ready to move.

Moving house is costly business, but with some preparation you can ensure you don’t spend money unnecessarily on moving day itself.

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