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5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design

Interior design is a great way to let your personality shine through your home. Interior design allows you to create a space you feel comfortable and happy to live, but also a visual impact about who you are and what you enjoy.

If you have the freedom to let your creativity shine in your home, there are some amazing ways you can make a visual impact with interior design.

Read on to learn more about how to make your house stand out from amongst the crowd with bold, interior design statements you’re sure to love.

Here are 5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design.

1. Choose a bright colour sofa to make a statement

bright orange sofa white walls

Don’t be scared to go bold with your choice of sofa colour.

Before we went crazy and decided to go with a bright orange sofa, we had played it safe with boring beige. Sure, it was neutral and matched anything, but the sofas always felt dull and uninspiring.

Updating our sofas to bright orange velvet styles instantly made our living room feel brighter, warmer and even happier.

They make a statement and people always comment on them.

Love them or hate them, it doesn’t matter to us. We made our room super cheery and it felt great to try something new that suits us, even if it isn’t to everyone’s taste.

2. Create your own wall art to visually please

create your own wall hanging

Creating your own wall art is the perfect way to add some unique eye-catching detail to your walls. By making it yourself, no-one else will ever have the same!

I easily created the above wall hanging using a piece of driftwood we found on a beach whilst on holiday. I looped, tied and plaited string that matched the colours in our living room.

You can create a hanging as I have to add more textile to a room. Or how about creating your own posters and pictures to hang on the walls?

Of course you can buy art and canvases easily from stores, but everyone will have the same. So why now create your own? It’s so easy to create a unique design yourself online nowadays. You can print it at home on photo paper ready to frame, or even use a photo printing service to have it professionally printed on a canvas. Use free stock photo websites to find images you can use of nature.

You can also easily create your own wall art using motivational quotes. Use a handwriting fonts site to choose a gorgeous and unique handwriting font, then simply pick your favourite quote. You can keep it simple and create in a Word Document, or for more layout options use the online design tool Canva. Use your new handwriting font to type the quote, position it and print out. I’d recommend printing on A4 glossy paper and framing to make it look professional.

If you are good at art already then you have a head start. You can create your own art for your walls. Love graffiti? If you’re already a graffiti artist, or know one, then create some amazing unique graffiti canvases for your walls.

There are lots of ways to create unique wall art by yourself to match your taste and personality.

3. Go wild with plants for impact

5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design

So many people I speak to wish they had more plants in their homes, or even at least one plant as they don’t have any houseplants at all, but they don’t know where to begin.

My advice? Just go for it!

Garden centres are brimming with indoor plants and display solutions from small potted plants, oversized baskets for floor plants and even macramé hangers so you can hang plants from the ceiling.

As you browse the plants you will notice they have care instructions and many will tell you if they are easy to care for or not. The most common way to kill a houseplant is by overwatering. Many don’t need watering every single day and this will actually destroy them!

We now have around 40 house plants and I have a reminder to water them set on my phone calendar every three weeks. I water them all once every three weeks and only again if I notice the leaves start to look thirsty.

Start with succulents and cacti if you need low maintenance plants. My favourite plants to care for in the home that are easy are Zanzibar, Devil’s Ivy, Snake, Rubber and Spider plants.

4. Paint your existing furniture for a bold design

furniture paint teal upcycling knobs

This chest of drawers has previously been antique stained pine when we wanted a rustic look, then white with white handles as a bedside cabinet in a very white minimal room and now it’s in our new guest bedroom which is blue and green themed so we painted in a beautiful blue and switched up the knobs.

Sometimes you already have the perfect piece of furniture in your home and you can easily update it and make it into a statement piece with a lick of paint.

5. Use patterned floor tiles to make a statement

patterned tile floor tiny ensuite bathroom

Even if you like a really neutral furniture and walls, you can still jazz up a room and create a visual statement with patterned floor tiles.

They work amazingly in bathrooms, porches and even throughout an entire hallway. In fact, they look even better with a neutral décor everywhere else as it makes them pop even more.

They’re also perfect for messy areas like porches, hallways and bathrooms as they disguise the dirt so you don’t have to constantly clean these high traffic areas!

There are lots of ways to make a visual impact with interior design. Just go for it!

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5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design

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