6 reasons Etsy is perfect for a small handmade business owner

I have an exciting announcement to share with you all – Wood Create is now on Etsy!  You can find Ben’s handmade wooden creations in the WoodCreateUK store.  Ok, by creations I mean creation as there’s only one active listing so far.  There was a second but it sold elsewhere so now there’s only one.  Ben has been busy working on a couple of commissions for some local customers so this has been taking all his time around a full time job, kids, chickens, the gym and so on.

The shop is there though, set up and ready to fill with more goods whenever he is ready.  One great thing about Etsy is there are no monthly shop fees so you can set it up and add to it as and when you please.  There’s no pressure to have a load of goods ready to dispatch like when there’s a regular recurring fee.  It also means it’s easy to switch all listings on and off when going on holiday for example or if life takes over and you need to have a break.

As well as being a readymade platform to sell handmade goods, the Etsy shopfront also allows a description and bio where you can explain more about your business and thus advertise your bespoke services and maybe even drive traffic to your blog or other online portfolios.  It’s a brilliant place to showcase and sell some of your best off the shelf or custom made products and those customers who want to see more will surely search your business name.

For selling handmade goods in the UK, Etsy has to be the most well-known and popular choice of platform.  It was certainly the first and only place Ben considered when deciding to set up an online store.  Being purely for handmade goods means they have a customer base that is already looking for an original and more meaningful item that’s made by an individual with passion, rather than a mass produced commercialised item in a regular store.

This was recently highlighted in a study by a company called Seareach who surveyed online shoppers about their knowledge of Etsy and reasons for shopping there.  The Etsy study discovered that 58% of consumers chose Etsy to find a unique or personalised item.  This is exactly why it’s the perfect place for Ben to sell his handmade wooden goods as there are customers looking for these exact products.  The survey also revealed buyers choose Etsy for their selection of independent sellers, the choice of items for sale including niche items and a preference to support independent sellers rather than chain stores.

There are definitely a lot of positives for both buyers and sellers with this handmade marketplace.  Below I am going to share six reasons why Etsy is perfect for a small handmade business owner like Wood Create:

6 reasons Etsy is perfect for a small handmade business owner logo

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No initial investment needed

There are no setup costs as the platform is already there waiting to be used.  If you set up your own ecommerce store then there would be some considerable costs involved to hire a website developer, plus a period of time to wait before it’s ready to launch.  With Etsy you can have a store set up within minutes.

Easy to use readymade template

It’s very user friendly and easy to use.  There are plenty of helpful guides, but for those of us who have basic computer skills it is self-explanatory and stress-free to set up a store.  The template is readymade and designed with the user in mind.

Only pay when you list and sell

There are no monthly shop fees or contracts which mean you simply pay for listings and a sellers fee when an item sells.  Fees are also very cheap at just 13p to list an item for a whopping four months.  Sold item fees are only 3.5%.

Active customer base

Etsy already has a huge customer base that continues to grow considerably year after year.  In 2017 they had close to 33.4 million buyers according to Statista.  The customers are there ready and waiting for your handmade goods!

Join a community of like-minded folk

It’s not also an ecommerce platform, but a great community of like-minded buyers and sellers who all want to support one another.  You are able to follow other shops and members, create lists, like items, message one another and get some amazing inspiration.

Manage your shop from anywhere

There are very easy to use apps for both buying and selling which means you can manage a shop whilst out and about.  Of course you can’t dispatch orders if you’re not with the stock, but you can respond to queries, upload new items and receive notifications of orders.

Etsy is absolutely a brilliant platform for both handmade buyers and sellers alike.  As it increases in popularity it can only mean that the success of small handmade businesses is going to soar.


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6 reasons Etsy is perfect for a small handmade business owner


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