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6 Simple interior design tips to spruce up your living room

The living room is one of the most heavily used areas in the house. The kids, the adults, the guests, this is where everyone comes together. Especially in the holiday season, the living room interior design is the part of the house where there is always something going on. The fact that we spend so much time here often makes us immune to what it looks like. For others, it can get increasingly frustrating if they don’t enjoy how the area looks. Here are a few things that you can do to add some life to the living room.

1.  Decorations

Why not make use of those photos from last Christmas or even those from a few decades ago? You just need some basic equipment to make your own wall-hanging photo arrangement and it can be customised to the size of your photos. If you have a spare wall in the living room, dedicate it to good times from the past and put some photos up.

Christmas photo decorations

2.  Seating

If someone is in the living room, it is not the most physically intensive part of their day. Good seating is critical for the living room, which is nearly the purpose of this space, to have an area where you can just enjoy sitting down for hours. To make that possible, you need seating. Cushioning that old sofa or even adding a few new seats will definitely help.

living room sofa cushions

3.  Flooring

Carpets can be a little difficult to deal with in the summertime but in the winters, they can be a lifesaver. If you have a plain wooden floor or a marble floor consider some living room rugs to add a bit of warmth and comfort to the space. If you go for some traditionally styled Iranian rugs or any other rugs, they can also be extremely elegant. 

4.  Entertainment

It would be no fun living if there was all work and no play. Consider adding some entertainment options in the living room. If you enjoy gaming or watching movies the improving the audio setup will completely change the experience. While big speakers are great, smaller speakers that offer surround sound will be a better option. Getting one of Amazon’s Firestick TVs is a great idea because they offer access to endless content. Websites like the Firestick Master showcase tips and tricks for the device that help you get the best entertainment possible.

home cinema entertainment unit

5.  Lighting

It’s no fun hanging out in a dark spot, when was the last time you changed the lighting? With the latest LED bulbs and multicolored LED strips, you can get a lot more light for the same wattage. In fact, you will probably save money by having more LED lights than you already have if you are running those old bulbs and tube lights.

led lighting

6.  Space

If you have ideas but are short on space, consider expanding the area. You could merge it with the kitchen and have an open kitchen setup. This way you get a bigger kitchen and a bigger living room just by remodelling a wall. You could also merge the living room with an outdoor patio.

patio area by fold doors

Sprucing up your living room is all about making it more appealing and comfortable at the same time; calm for the body and the eye. Consider the things you like doing when you are in this area and try to customise it to cater to your needs. If you like music, make some space for your instruments and play when you like, the options are endless.

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