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7 reasons to use DeWalt drills for your next DIY project

7 reasons to use DeWalt drills for your next DIY project

DIY or do-it-yourself projects can get really exciting if you have the right tools needed for the job. However, it becomes a different story the soonest you realise that most tasks may involve driving nails and screws into different materials. They may range from wood, metals, plastic, stone, and concrete; you may also need to drill some holes into these materials.

For the abovementioned reasons, you don’t want to embark on any DIY project without the aid of DeWalt drills. Here are seven reasons to use them for your next DIY project:

7 reasons to use DeWalt drills for your next DIY project

1. Long mastery of the craft 

DeWalt drills date back to 1924 when Raymond DeWalt, then superintendent of Seabrook Farms, set out to launch a ‘Wonder Worker’ electric universal woodworking machine.

It’s now almost a hundred years since the company started its operations, and you can have confidence in the wealth of experience they’ve acquired for a whole century. Currently, they produce and sell over 200 hand and power tools, as well as more than 800 accessories.

So, by using DeWalt drills, rest assured that your DIY project will become successful because the quality of tools you use are top-notch and of high quality.

2. Compatible with several drill bits

You may need to drill into different materials and also drill holes of varying diameter measurements in the course of your project. Having several drill bits handy would make everything so much easier.  

DeWalt drills are designed to accommodate several types of drill bits. They include twist, brad-point, auger, self-feed, spade, Forstner, hole saw, countersink, and step drill bits, among many others.

To make your drill bits readily accessible while on the job, you may want to use accessories such as a DeWalt magnetic bit holder. You simply fix this to your DeWalt drill using the standard accessory screw hole and then magnetically attach your drill bits and screws. This makes your DIY project much smoother and faster as you can effortlessly reach for the specific drill bits and screws every time you need may them.

3. Cordless option

Using drills with an attached electric cord is said to be advantageous because of the reliable flow of AC or alternating current power from your home’s outlets. However, there are instances when the job site of your DIY project is far from any nearby power socket. Instead of burdening yourself by buying lengthy power extension cords, you can make use of the cordless feature employed in DeWalt drills.

Cord-free DeWalt drills come equipped with battery power. Their Max batteries give you between 12 and 20 V, which is enough for most drilling needs. And if you intend to drill into tougher materials like concrete, you can go with the FlexVolt battery system, which yields between 60 and 120 volts.

7 reasons to use DeWalt drills for your next DIY project

4. Long warranty period

Most DeWalt drills come with a full three-year warranty. That’s further proof of the confidence the company has in its products. Most companies offer a long warranty period to attest to the quality of their products and services. 

In case your DeWalt drill malfunctions due to production flaws, you’ll be able to get a replacement, as long as you make a valid claim within three years after purchase. On top of that, you’re offered 90-day money-back guarantee and one whole year of free service. 

5. Unique brushless motor

The conventional brushed motor uses brushes and a commutator to facilitate the transfer of electricity to the magnetic coils. The main disadvantages of this are the loss of energy due to friction, and faster wear and tear. 

Fortunately, you can now purchase DeWalt drills with brushless motors. Since the brushes and commutators are done away with, the motor is more efficient and less prone to wear and tear.

6. Safety

Your safety is important when handling a DIY project. One way to ensure that you remain safe is by using different quality and versatile tools for the trade.

DeWalt drills enhance safety through their high-quality anti-slip rubber grip feature. Having a firm grip when using power tools like a drill reduces their likelihood of slipping out of your hands and harming you.

Besides that, these drills comply with all relevant mandated industry safety standards.

7. Versatility

Are you looking to drill into tight spaces or difficult areas like under the sink? DeWalt drills got you covered. Make use of their right-angle drills designed to drill holes and drive screws into the most difficult spots.

You also have a wide range of options to choose from in regards to features like:

  • Chuck size,
  • Weight,
  • Maximum power,
  • Maximum blows per minute,
  • Maximum torque, and
  • Rotations per minute.
modern convenient screwdriver drill among tools for carpentry
Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com

In summary

You won’t regret choosing DeWalt drills for your DIY home improvements. They have a great range of helpful features meant to make your work easier, enjoyable, and safe.

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