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7 Reasons Why Wooden Frames are Worth Considering

 The world of eyewear is fast moving towards unique innovations and novelties. Long gone are the days when plastics and metals were the only materials used to craft spectacle frames. Nowadays, you can even find wooden glasses that can be affixed with prescription lenses. Initially, a select few eyewear brands were leading the wooden frame parade, but now, various companies are pioneering the same.   But, owing to their relative newness, many people are confused about the utility of wooden frames. I have been a proponent of wooden glasses for a long time, and so here I am, penning down my two cents on the topic. If you want to know the A to Z of wood-based spectacles, read ahead!  

wooden glasses

Why Choose Wooden Glasses? 

  Contrary to popular belief, wooden glasses are not a new phenomenon. In fact, they have witnessed a much-deserved resurgence after a long time. We can trace the roots of wooden glasses to the earlier times when the materials for spectacles were limited, and artisans turned to nature for solutions. Now, wooden glasses are gaining traction owing to the unique style they exude, their sustainable nature, and their hypoallergenic abilities.   Some of the reasons why you should choose wooden glasses are –  


  First and foremost, wooden glasses are sustainable and eco-friendly. Unlike plastic and metal frames, they are not mass-produced and rather handcrafted. As wood is a renewable resource, its carbon footprint is much lesser. Besides, some brands also make their wooden spectacles from ageing trees, which further serves the cause. Thus, as consumers become more and more conscious about their impact on the environment, wooden glasses emerge as a viable alternative.  

Incredibly Fashion-forward

  The second reason for the massive resurgence of wooden frames is their high-fashion appeal. Glasses made of wood look very appealing and radiate a stylish vibe effortlessly. Whether it is a formal outfit or a casual ensemble, these frames perfectly fit in with all kinds of attire, and elevate them by two notches higher.  

wooden glasses Etsy
Wooden Glasses Etsy

Durability and Resilience

  One of the hidden strengths of wooden glasses is that they are very durable and strong. Despite being made from an all-natural substance, wood-based glasses are very resilient and can be even compared to steel and other metals in terms of strength. With the right amount of care and upkeep, wooden frames can withstand the test of time very easily.  

Phenomenal Life Expectancy

  With adequate and appropriate care, wooden glasses can last a very long time. Adhering to some easy-peasy steps like cleaning your wooden glasses with a soft and dry cloth, keeping them in a case when not in use, and not being harsh during usage can increase the life expectancy of wooden frames by quite a few years. I have been using my wooden glasses for more than two years now!  


  The fifth reason why it is worth investing in wooden frames is that they come with an assurance of comfort. Wooden glasses online in the UK are hypoallergenic and a great option for people with very sensitive skin. In addition, wearing wood-based frames gives off a very warm and comforting feeling, which is very different from those of plastic or metal frames.  


  Some wooden frames, such as those made of bamboo, are incredibly lightweight and have a feather-light feel. In fact, certain wooden frames feel almost weightless. So, if you do not like the feeling of spectacles sitting on your nose, then wood-based glasses have got your back!  

Excellent Value for Money

  Last but not least, glasses made of wood are a great value for money. As they are handcrafted and composed of natural substances, they come with a higher price tag, but the extra spend is absolutely worth it. The durability, sustainability, and high-fashion appeal make wooden frames a bang for the buck!   So, with a little upkeep and maintenance, wooden frames can be a phenomenal add-on to your eyewear vanity. They are best for people who are looking for a unique kind of eyeglasses that breaks the conventional norm and is very different from the spectacles we are used to seeing normally! So, if you are contemplating investing in wooden eyewear, then the time has never been more right!

black wooden glasses etsy
black wooden glasses etsy


In the dynamic world of eyewear, where innovations and novelties continue to shape the industry, wooden glasses have emerged as a unique and compelling choice for discerning consumers. While the use of wood in crafting spectacles may not be a recent development, its resurgence can be attributed to the appealing blend of style, sustainability, and practicality that it offers.

Wooden glasses are more than just a passing trend; they represent a conscious choice that breaks away from conventional norms. With their unique style, environmental friendliness, and exceptional durability, wooden frames offer an enticing alternative for eyewear enthusiasts seeking something special. So, if you’re considering investing in eyewear that stands out from the crowd, there’s no better time than now to embrace the charm and allure of wooden glasses.

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