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7 Technologies To Protect Your Home

Modern technologies make every person’s life easier and more comfortable. Many things seem ordinary to us, but 20 years ago, even science fiction writers did not dream of them. Now you can simplify your daily life with one click on your smartphone. This is especially true for those who want to secure their own home. Another plus is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. So, here are seven technologies to protect your home.

A video doorbell

Many people want to feel safe every time a stranger knocks on their house. This is why video doorbells can be a good solution. Many of these devices are equipped with a wide-angle camera to see everything from the sides.

Eufy doorbell

Even if you are a student and live in a dorm, such a device will be useful. Spend a little time looking for an available option.

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Smart locks

Many cheap locks can be easily opened even with a paper clip or thin screwdriver. Do not think that thieves will not be able to open your door quickly. A typical hack takes just a few minutes, especially if your lock is not reinforced with a metal plate. Sometimes it is enough to push in the right place to break the bolts. This is why you need smart locks. Such devices do not have a keyhole or any visible mechanism.

Typically, the thief will only see the doorknob. There are several options you can choose from. Some locks have a fingerprint scanner or voice recognition option. You can also choose a device with an analog code cipher or a digital panel. But the most reliable solution would be a remote control lock. You need to insert the battery into your device and download the app. Then you can control your doors remotely.

Motion sensors

If you do not like strangers walking around your private property, then you can install motion sensors. These devices react to any activity and turn on bright lights. You can also buy sensors equipped with video cameras to record all incidents. But such devices are more expensive. If you are a student, you can earn extra money somewhere to find the best options.

Smart home technology

A smart thermostat

The thermostat is the last thing you remember when it comes to safety. But what if your home’s heating system goes out in winter? Then the pipes will freeze, and the ice can crack them. Plus, many people love to grow flowers. What if your home is too warm or cold? Your plants may not be able to withstand temperature extremes. Climate control is one of the important functions of these thermostats. Even if you buy a budget device, you will control the temperature in a few clicks.

smart thermostat

Smart plugs

This device is valuable as you can control the turning on and off of all electrical gadgets in your home. How about setting up a schedule to run some devices like a kettle or toaster? You only need a couple of smart modules and your smartphone to control everything. In addition, you can always turn off any electronics, even in the event of a short circuit. This can be quite helpful in terms of safety, especially if you have some elderly people around the house.

Smart smoke detectors

Any house or apartment has a lot of electronics. That is why it is not uncommon for a short circuit or any other incident to lead to a fire. If you buy smart smoke detectors, you can be aware of any emergency. In addition, such devices can automatically inform the 911 service of any problems. The detectors measure the volume of smoke and react quickly to prevent a serious fire. If you have a fire extinguishing system, then you can connect it to these devices.

Smart leak detectors

There is a bath or shower in any home. This is one of those places that seem to be the safest. But what if the water pipe is damaged? Then you run the risk of creating a real flood. Smart leak detectors can notify you of a problem and shut off the water throughout the house. This way, you and your neighbours will get minimal damage, and you won’t have to remove gallons of water from your bathroom or Do you want to protect your home from burglaries or unforeseen situations? Then you should take a look at these seven smart gadgets that anyone can

smart home technology

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  1. I’ve yet to try any smart home tech, and this is a great list, thank you. I think I’d go for a video doorbell first, they sound really good.

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