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8 Ways to maximise storage space in your bedroom

It can be challenging to fit everything you need to into your bedroom, particularly if it’s on the smaller side. It is crucial to maximise storage space in your bedroom so that that you can get a restful night’s sleep and minimise clutter. There are many ways you can achieve this goal, and it may take a little investment, hard work and thought. 

You should consider the overall space when reorganising your bedroom. It can help to assess whether any items could be better stored elsewhere in your home to free up space. Read on for some of our top tips to help you maximise storage space in your bedroom. 

Use drawer organisers

Things stored in drawers tend to get mixed up, leading to clutter and difficulty finding the things you need. Clutter can be a major cause of stress, so using drawer storage can help ensure everything has its proper place, allowing you to keep on top of clutter and organise your storage better. You could consider fabric dividers for drawers that house clothing and hard containers for drawers that store jewellery, electronics and miscellaneous items. 

drawer organiser

Choose a bed frame with storage

Incorporating storage into your bed frame can be an excellent way to save on space. You could consider a bed frame with shelving for books and items or one that doubles as a wardrobe. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you should ensure you measure the space correctly to ensure that the bed will fit. If the bed frame takes up a lot of space, it may be best to choose smaller storage solutions to avoid your bedroom feeling cramped. 

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Put up shelves

Making use of the vertical space in your bedroom is critical. You should consider the different options for shelving to help you make most of the blank walls. Floating shelves can be an attractive and practical storage solution. You could also consider high perimeter shelves for storing items you don’t use as often. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that these shelves can be tricky to clean!


Get a made to measure wardrobe

One of the best ways to use the space available is by getting a made-to-measure wardrobe. This has the advantage of being able to fit seamlessly into any space you have. You could consider an L-shaped built-in wardrobe to maximise storage or an angled wardrobe if your bedroom has an unusual ceiling shape. Take a look at the excellent built-in wardrobes options from Online Bedrooms for more inspiration. 

built in storage

Consider wall hooks

Wall hooks can be an excellent way to create additional storage. You could consider installing wall hooks wherever you tend to find clutter building up, for instance, wherever you leave your clothes at the end of the day. This can also be an excellent way to give yourself space for the things that don’t fit easily into other areas, such as dressing gowns, jackets and scarves. 

wall hooks

Make use of the space under your bed

The space under your bed can be a valuable asset in your organisation journey. You should consider the different options to find the right storage solution for you. There is a wide variety of under bed storage options out there. Under bed storage can be ideal for things that aren’t used as often, such as spare bedding, seasonal clothes, and Christmas decorations. 

You could consider simple flat boxes, repurpose old drawers for under bed use, or invest in a new bed that comes with inbuilt under bed storage. If you have a bed frame with a small gap, you could consider investing in bed raisers that will give you the space you need to use under bed storage. 

Use clips to organise your cables

Thanks to the increased use of technology, it isn’t just our home offices anymore that are suffering from excessive cable use. The bedroom is becoming home to more and more technology and the electrical clutter that comes with it. 

You can help reduce the impact of this clutter by ensuring you have set spaces for all of your tech. An excellent way to keep cables neat and tidy is by using simple binder clips. You can attach them to your bedside table and thread the wires through, creating a quick and easy organised system. 

cable tidy clips

Have regular storage clearouts

Clearing out your storage regularly will ensure that you continue to make the best use of the space available. Consider decluttering frequently, identifying any clothes or household items that you no longer need or use. You should go through each storage space to identify any items that can be thrown out, creating space for other things as you do. 


Maximising storage space in your bedroom is crucial to get the best use out of the area. You should look into different ways to help you keep organised and maintain a good routine of decluttering and reorganising to ensure your bedroom remains a relaxing place to be.

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