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9 Power tools and items for DIY-loving homeowners – Things made easier

Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a pro, on-hand knowledge and the right equipment are crucial to saving your time, money and effort. Even if you are making a simple home renovation, working with the right power tool kit can make the whole process easier.

There are many tool kits for home improvements, but if you want to get things right, you must own the tools that are indispensable for all DIYers.

power tools

Companies like Toolfit provide the opportunity for tool manufacturers to showcase their products and give customers the chance to try out tools before buying. Tools can be expensive, so it makes sense to try before you buy. Here are some of our favourite power tools and items that have been tried and tested before purchase. We’ve included the best nine picks, so check out each to find your next DIY essential!

1. Paints

For interior design and renovation jobs, high-quality paints are one of the essential tools for homeowners. You can use it to include additional colors to rooms, cover imperfections on walls, start a new design project, or simply refinish old surfaces. 

There are several types of paint for you to choose from. For instance, airless paints are particularly well-suited for surfaces where splatter needs to be minimized, such as walls and ceilings.

In contrast, plastic paints are great for adding an extra layer of protection on top of your current wall color. No matter which one you choose, all of the paints will give your interior a fresh coat of vibrant color.

2. Glue Gun and Gaffer Tape

Glue guns have evolved, and today they can be used for all kinds of projects. The melting glue is flexible and easy to peel off once it hardens. And that makes it a very convenient tool for DIY-loving homeowners.

One alternative to glue guns is gaffer tape. It’s a substantial strip of cloth-backed adhesive that sticks to almost anything. Gaffer tape can be the solution if you have a complex project on hand that requires a potent gluing add-on.

3. Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is another must-have tool for DIYers. Whether you’re building a rustic desk, furniture, or hanging up pictures, you can measure anything with these tape measures to cut out or assemble at the size you want.

4. Screwdrivers Set

A 100-Piece Screwdriver Set is the backbone of any home improvement project. You can buy one at any nearby hardware shop.

With this set, you’ll have all the bits and drivers you need to finish your next DIY project. The bits are available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that you get the right one for your task.

5. Power Drill Machine

Sometimes a screwdriver just isn’t enough. When installing shelves, hanging artwork, or constructing shelves, a power drill is a must-have tool for easy and fast screwing into walls and hardwood. 

Compared to a manual screwdriver, a powerful cordless drill can speed up the time it takes to complete tasks by over 50%. It will also deliver a better end product as it doesn’t require you to apply as much torque to drive the screws in.

Of course, any drilling job is not possible without the proper drill bit to do the work. Pair your power drill machine with a trusty set of drill bits for different uses and functions, including drill bits for taps, which are essential for creating threaded holes.

6. Universal Socket Wrench

You don’t have to buy a complete set when looking for a specific wrench size,. A universal socket wrench can help!

Whether you’re working on your under-stair drawer or tightening up bolts for your kids’ bike, a universal socket wrench can fit them all.

This wrench conforms to the shape of any nut or screw, making it easy to loosen or tighten anything from ¼ to ¾ inch in size. It is a handy tool for tightening nuts on appliances and plumbing fixtures.

7. Claw Hammer

Hammering is one of the oldest forms of construction. The claw hammers, which are a basic construction and utility tool are used to drive nails in, pull nails out, tap things into tight spaces and remove material.

To pick the right one, think about what you need. A common mistake is getting a claw hammer with a wood handle. That stuff breaks easily. Find one with a long-lasting synthetic handle instead.

8. Chainsaw and Utility Knife

While a chainsaw is excellent for cutting down trees and bushes, a utility knife is essential for almost any DIY project. You can use a utility knife to cut through carpeting, plastic, or even hardwood flooring. It is ideal for jobs that a typical knife would be inadequate for.

On the other hand, a cordless chainsaw can help you cut through sharp metals and hard tree branches without having to get your hands dirty. The power of its engine allows you to perform tasks that would be nearly impossible using simple hand tools. Check out these facts about one of the market’s most well-known chainsaws.

These are considered the most versatile tools and items for DIY-Loving Homeowners. They can cut through anything and make precise cuts without much effort.

9. Tool Set or Organisers

Every DIY tool needs proper storage. Setting up and maintaining a tool organizer saves time and space. It keeps every tool organized, so you face no more lost tools lying around. Most essentially, it helps in keeping your tools in good working order for a long period.

Final Thoughts

Being a DIY enthusiast is exciting, but it can hamper your entire project workflow if you get the wrong tools at hand due to a lack of proper organization. So, it’s better to have all the essential tools you need in one place to work quicker, smarter, and more efficiently.

This article has tried highlighting the most in-demand power tools and items for DIY-loving homeowners. These items can help you get your project done with less hassle and time.

So, it’s time you get yourself a set of these tools and be prepared for any DIY workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you need in a basic toolbox?

A basic toolbox should include the following equipment, 

  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Extra knives
  • Tape measure
  • Pilers
  • Adjustable wrenches

2. What projects can I do at home?

There are several DIY projects available for homeowners to do at home, which include,

  • Making hand-painted wallpaper
  • Creating a DIY rustic dining table
  • Designing handy wooden showpieces
  • Building a slide-out under-stair drawer
  • Preparing a DIY veranda in your garden
  • Painting the walls, etc.

3. What tools should every homeowner own?

As a homeowner, you must have these tools at hand, 

  • Spare Nails and Bolts, 
  • A utility knife,
  • Cordless drill,
  • Wrench, 
  • Rope,
  • Ladder,
  • Gardening tool,
  • Electrical wiring, etc.

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