A guide on how to fit skirting boards

As a homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring the interior of your home is good-looking. There are so many quality interior home products you can use to advance the look of your home, and one of them includes skirting boards. How you install skirting boards in your home matters a lot. And so, after making the purchase, you should focus on how you can perfectly fix them to the wall. You need to ensure all the joints where the wall and the floor meet are perfectly covered by the skirting you have just purchased. Before you begin the installation process, you should make sure you have all the required materials and tools. These include nails, screws, decorator’s caulk, new skirting board, crowbar, hammer, and coping saw. If fixing the new skirting board is a challenge on your side, then this article got you covered. Below are some of the tips you are supposed to bear in mind as you begin the process.

fitting skirting

Removing your old skirting 

Your first move should be getting off the old ones. Removing the old skirting is something that is supposed to be done with a lot of care. To ensure it is successfully done without damaging the plaster, it is advisable to place a piece of wood behind the tools you will be using. Doing so helps in easing the entire removal process, and it is also fast.

Step 1: Taking measurements

Once you have removed the old skirting board, you need to begin by measuring the longest wall as you begin installing the new one. If you have been thinking of how to fix skirting board, then you will find it easy after you have done your research. After obtaining the length, the next thing you will have to do is to put marks on the skirting board from its top part before cutting it. When it comes to cutting, ensure you begin from the left hand as you use either a miter box or a miter saw. Experienced people also advise placing a piece of wood flanked by the face of the skirting board and the miter tool to ensure it is protected. After doing this, you should begin tightening the screws to ensure the skirting is firm, and then you repeat the same process on the other hand.

skirting fitting corner

Step 2: Nails and screws

Making sure the skirting is firm is mandatory. This can only happen if you use the right nails and screws. You can decide to use masonry nails when beginning such a process as you focus on how you will fit them to obtainable points that were doable. You also need to confirm if there are pipes or cables behind the skirting before you begin to fix it. If you prefer timber grounds, then you should use lost-head nails when fixing the new skirting.

skirting boards

Step 3: Using adhesive

The adhesive you are using to protect the skirting to the walls should be a strong one. Note that the skirting should only be pressed into place after applying the adhesive to the back. It is also supposed to be an even coverage, and to be effective; you should apply it in a zigzag style line.

Skirting boards, therefore, have great relevance, and you will never regret why you installed them in your home. It might be your wish to know more about how to fix skirting board, then ensure you seek assistance from a reliable specialist. Also, ensure you are buying a quality skirting board that suits your needs.

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