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After half-term home plans

Schools are about to close for half-term and the sun is making its grand return, so naturally, this is where time with your kids becomes the big priority and you will take a few trips out or a quick getaway holiday. The perfect home makeover is just around the corner.

If you are like a lot of homeowners looking to spring into action on the homefront, what kind of thing can you look at to brighten up our lives for the year once half-term has ended and the home becomes a focus again?

Effective mood lighting

With the days set to get longer and the sun staying out until 10 pm, we will not be using as much lighting as we have over the winter months. The best home makeover ideas can be simple and easy to achieve.

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This could also play a hand in your design by changing to some mood lighting or artful lighting pieces. As you won’t be using room lights or lamps as much as you were, you can choose more energy-efficient lighting or even candle lights when it does get dark in the evening, saving you some extra money through the summer.

Rug replacement

Making a living space feel warm and cosy is easily achievable with the addition of fluffy shaggy rugs. They can turn a cold hardwood floor into the perfect foot warmer and also provide a comfortable place to sit or lie.

Whilst a rug has no doubt provided plenty of warmth during the cold nights of winter, as things get warm you won’t want that providing uncomfortable warmth throughout the warmer evenings. A home makeover doesn’t have to be expensive.

rug white

Roll it up and store it away if you no longer feel it to be a required part of the room and you can look into alternatives. Carpets are great but they take a lot of care and require a fair amount of deep cleaning over a multitude of stains in a single year.

There is fantastic durability within luxury vinyl flooring that not only provides comfort and style but also greatly reduces those instances of clean up due to anti-stain, anti-scratch and water resistance. It’s a very cost-effective option too, but not lacking in overall quality.

If you want a floor that’s durable and stylish you should check out Luvanto vinyl flooring.

Under stair storage 

A lot of people tend to have that under stairs storage space as a place for their shoes, coats, umbrellas, and boxes of items you just have not found a use for recently.

build own under stair drawers

A unique solution for that storage space is providing it with an organised alternative use such as a small office space or a learning area for your kids. Decluttering that area and installing a small desk there with a chair can provide a unique space for getting your work done away from family activity or a room simply to hold Zoom meetings away from the usual distractions occurring around the house.

Simple small ideas that play a big part in freshening up your home for the year ahead, from the use of space to installing luxury vinyl flooring such as dark grey vinyl flooring, or saving on those electricity costs for the year ahead. Spring into action when half-term ends and get set for a brighter year ahead in the home.

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