Apps to help make you more green

There’s an app for everything, or so we might believe in today’s culture! Today I have a different post for you, but I’m sure Ben won’t mind as he loves tech and eco-friendly topics and this covers both!

With green living and sustainability being a hot topic this year and interest only set to keep growing, and rightly so, I wanted to explore if there were apps that helped people live more sustainable lives.  Although there are many not so eco-friendly apps that make us addicted to using more energy by playing games or checking social media, or even hiring vehicles, there are a rising number of apps that do have green living in mind and can even help us make greener choices.  In this blog post I am going to look at some of the green apps that are available to download for your smartphone.

Here are a few apps that are doing something good for the planet.

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GoodGuide app

There’s an app which can help you shop in the right ways. GoodGuide, as found at, allows you to scan or search for items and see straight away their environmental impact. This includes things like chemicals used in production and any packaging.

Think Dirty app

Think Dirty is a similar sort of thing, but mainly aimed at the beauty industry.  You can scan a product in a store, or in your own beauty cupboard or makeup bag and see its rating based on chemicals used.

The Swell app

We all love a good investment these days, but we often go where the money is, rather than the ethics. Most investors are guilty of putting money towards companies with terrible ethics at some stage. But, developments like the Swell app found at could put an end to those times. This way, you can invest in options like renewable energy and green tech, all while still seeing a steady investment return.

Refill app

Refill is an app to help you find water on the go!  Over 15000 places have signed up to let you know where they have a tap for your to refill your own water bottle instead of keep buying more disposable plastic bottles on the go.  You can find the app here:

OLIO app

This is a food sharing app to try and prevent food waste. Whether you’re a business or individual you can give away your surplus food instead of throwing it away.  For example, are you going on holiday and have lots of food that needs using up, too much for you?  Then list it on OLIO and let someone else have it rather than putting it in landfill.

Too Good To Go app

The TGTG app is another app aimed at reducing food waste.  At the end of each day there are stores that throw away food that has not been eaten.  This app tackles this problem by allowing you to buy the food instead of them throwing it out.  You get to buy restaurant food at a reduced price and help the environment in the process.  Win-win!

Though many people like to complain about the damage smartphones are doing nowadays from people becoming more ignorant and obsessed with social media, there are actually companies who are using this technology to create apps to better the planet and better ourselves.

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