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Benefits of Exotic Hardwoods

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance wood option that still has a distinctive look, Tropical Forest Exotic Woods may be worth considering. These floors are typically more expensive up front, but they’ll pay off in the long run. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of exotic hardwoods. Exotic hardwoods have their place in many homes, read on to find your perfect match.


The look of an exotic hardwood is unmatched by any other wood. This unique look is not easy to reproduce with other materials.

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For a truly eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-end appearance, use hardwood flooring that’s made from sustainable resources. For example, consider African-grown or Brazilian-grown hardwoods. These types of wood are becoming increasingly popular as a green design choice. Using sustainably sourced exotic timbers in your home or building project will help you create a more sustainable and beautiful environment. The trees that grow these species are carbon-sequestering. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere and fight the greenhouse gas effect. And when you use a properly managed forest, your carbon capture rate can be increased.


If you want to make your interiors bold, exotic hardwoods are a great way to go. However, some homeowners have steered clear of these materials due to concerns over deforestation and illegal logging. In order to avoid these problems, you can purchase products made of sustainable wood and ensure that they’re sustainable. It’s important to check the origins of your wood. If you’re buying exotic wood, make sure that it’s FSC-certified.

Another advantage of exotic wood is its sustainability. Most exotic hardwoods are harvested sustainably. They are made from trees that grow in forests. This means that they’re a renewable resource. The materials used in furniture and other wood items come from a sustainable environment. Therefore, buying these types of hardwoods will be good for the environment and your budget. You may also save money on installation costs because you won’t have to hire a flooring installer.

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Maintaining exotic woods requires special care. You’ll need to keep your home at a constant humidity, maintain even humidity levels, and clean your floors regularly. Remember that wood changes colour due to exposure to UV rays, but the effects are more pronounced on exotics. You can protect your hardwoods by applying varnishes or oils to protect them from these rays. But it’s worth keeping in mind that some woods will change colour intentionally, so you’ll need to watch out for that.


Exotic hardwoods are more expensive than their domestic counterparts. Because they are harvested from trees, they tend to be renewable and recyclable. You can find an excellent selection of exotic hardwoods at MacDonald Hardwoods. While they’re more expensive, they’re a great choice for homes with high traffic. Aside from its aesthetic value, the material can also last for a long time. But you should consider the amount of time and money you’re willing to spend up to get a hardwood that is perfect for your decor.


Although exotic hardwoods are beautiful, they can be expensive to maintain. If you don’t want to have to spend hundreds of dollars on maintenance every year, you can use Brazilian walnut as your flooring. You should know that Brazilian walnuts can be difficult to maintain, so they’re best for those who don’t want to deal with cleaning daily. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep these exotic hardwoods in good condition with simple cleaning solutions.

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In addition to being beautiful, exotic hardwoods are durable. They can survive high traffic environments and will last for generations. These materials are also environmentally friendly. Unlike most other materials, hardwoods can be sourced responsibly. In addition to being beautiful, they can also be sustainable. Some are harvested from trees that have been grown in the wild. If they are FSC-certified, they’re harvested ethically. Purchasing this type of wood is also good for the environment.

Despite the price tag, it’s worth the money spent on hardwood floors. These floors can withstand heavy traffic, but they will require frequent repair. If you don’t have pets, you’ll probably want to invest in softer, more expensive hardwoods. They’ll last longer and will give you unique colour variations. These floors can be more expensive, but they’re definitely worth it if you’re looking for a unique, bold look.

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