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Benefits of owning a log cabin with Quick Garden

A log cabin is one of the must-haves for many people today. They offer the peace of mind and tranquility one would need, especially if looking for a digital detox or a quiet time alone.

Log cabins are generally built out of organic, recycled materials or logs, thus completely safe for the environment and your health (no allergies or anything). The best thing with log cabins is that you can build one yourself or have an expert such as Quick Garden install one for you in the backyard or even the garden. You can visit the official website here.

Log cabins can be built and designed in many ways, depending on what you prefer visit this website to find out more about the log cabins we offer. As mentioned before, you can have the cabin build/designed by an expert, then installed on your property, but at a small fee. They thus provide a separate livable space in your home, hence come in handy when looking for some quiet time or away from the main house. Outlined below are some of the reasons and benefits of owning one.

1.         They are affordable to build

Most of the materials needed and used to build a log cabin are readily available and easy to acquire. A log cabin can be build using recycled timber, which is more affordable than other materials.  This makes building the cabin much more affordable and manageable. Very little energy is needed to collect or harvest all the wood required for a complete build.

2.         Logs are recyclable

The logs required for the build are obtained from trees, which is a renewable resource.  You also don’t have to go on a logging spree to get all the timber required. You can as well use logs and timber from past projects to complete the build. Almost everything used to build the log cabin can be recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed for another project. This thus reduces wastage by a huge margin, with the outcome something to adore.

3.         Log cabins are durable

Although the most basic of materials are used to build cabins, log cabins are among the most durable structures you can find. These cabins can withstand almost any type of extreme weather without giving in. A well-built log cabin will withstand anything from snow, heavy rains, and strong winds quite easily. log cabins made of hardwoods can last hundreds of years with minimal wear and tear. The type of wood you use, however, determines the durability of your cabin.

4.         Log cabins are energy efficient

It is interesting to note that a standard-built log cabin is more energy-efficient than most homes today. One of the reasons for this is because they are (obviously) build from wood, which is a poor conductor of heat. The logs’ low thermal mass gives them a better performance even in the most extreme of weather, which helps keep the cabin warm and comfortable during winter, and cool enough in summer. The logs themselves act as an insulation pad that protects the insides from extreme weather. Further insulation can be added to make these type of buildings warm all year round.

5.         Design variety

A log cabin can be installed almost anywhere and still look beautiful. Built from organic materials, you can have the cabin custom-designed to fit your needs and preferences. You thus don’t have to worry about a dull-looking or generic cabin when you can have a custom one build.

However ancient they may sound, log cabins offer what your home might not offer, some peace and quiet. You can, of course, have yours designed to assume a more rustic or traditional look and feel, with all manner of modern technology inside.  It provides the perfect getaway for both you, and your family. You can also use the cabin as a storage facility too.

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