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Best wooden wall decorating ideas for your home in 2022

Wood-panelled walls are a delightful canvas and starting point for decorating your room. The warmth, richness, and elegance are unmistakable whether you have wood accents or an entire wood-clad wall. Identifying the wood colour you’re working with, like raw and unfinished, painted, or stained, will help you determine the ideal wall art and colours for your decorating ideas. For instance, dark-toned woods like cherry, mahogany, or walnut tend to absorb light and should be offset with lightweight furniture and textiles in pastel colours and delicate prints. The same rule applies to the wall art you’ll pick out. Ready for some insights on how to get that done?

wood species and colours

Naturally neutral-coloured woods

Natural-hued woods lend a timeless charm to the interiors of any room. Such woods don’t have any undertones of grey, orange, or red and blend wonderfully well with colours that reflect the tranquillity of the forests and meadows. Your wall art would have soft greens, browns, and beiges to reflect the beauty of nature. Neutral woods form the ideal background for hand-illustrated pet portraits that you can commission online. These paintings are made on museum-grade paper that adds to the appeal of the wooden setting. The exciting thing is that you can select the perfect frame and backdrop that matches the wall tones when placing your order.

Naturally light wood and medium browns

Naturally light woods like driftwood grey, pine, hazelnut, and white oak lift the room and welcome bright hues. You can play around with furnishings in lively colours like burgundy, reds, oranges, vibrant greens, and deep purples. As for the wall art, create a striking contrast with family photos. You’ll set up an ever-evolving collage that includes a custom home painting, vacation pictures, baby images, and any other treasured memories from your globe-trotting adventures. A colourful tribal mask, Tibetan prayer flags, a Mexican hat, a Japanese paper fan, or Bohemian dishes can all go on the wall and act as conversation starters.

wood cladding light brown

Wall art in black and white

Are you looking for versatile wall art that blends well with any coloured wooden walls and lends an exceptional elegance to your spaces? Consider getting black and white themed wall art decoration to add an element of freshness, style, and tranquillity to the ambiance. You can go with delicate black motifs on a white background or abstract art patterns in different shades of grey contrasting sharply with stark black highlights. Black and white digital illustrations of your pet, Yin and Yang, or Asian calligraphy can also add an exciting touch to the interiors. 

Make your own artwork with epoxy resin

One of the latest and fast upcoming artwork styles uses deep pour epoxy, easily available at online stores like Amazon. Epoxy resin is highly versatile and can be used to create innumerable creative items ranging from jewellery, keychains, pet tags, paperweights, tabletop art, and countertops, to name a very scarce few. You can pick up any theme and add colours to create fantastic works of art. Let your imagination go wild with oceanscapes, beach scenes, or river and valley sculptures. Once the resin is dry and set, you can frame the canvas or hang it up to add instant character to the room. 

epoxy resin art boards

Natural fabrics

Natural textiles are one of the easiest ways to adorn a rustic wooden wall and have it come alive instantly. Pashmina shawls, woven silk scarves with highlights of gold thread, jute hangings, colourful Bohemian tapestry, and panelled Rajasthani wall hangings are only some of the options you can consider. 

Adorning your wooden walls in 2022 is all about personal taste, and the ideas listed above are a great place to start. 

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