Bring the holiday to your garden with a backyard bar

Bring the holiday to your garden with backyard barImage Source: Pexels

Recreating a holiday atmosphere in our own homes is something that many of us would love to do but where do you start? You’ve got the pool; you’ve got the parasols but there’s one thing missing – the good old bar. Regardless of whether you drink alcohol or not, the presence of a bar does lend more than air of that holiday feeling to any environment. Building a bar in your own backyard isn’t difficult, you can make it as elaborate or basic as you like but the essential factor is that it must be functional.

If you’re a tradie with carpentry experience, there’s no reason in the world why you can’t build your own backyard bar from scratch but if that sounds like too much hard work, there are other ways. An outdoor bar setting should be equipped to actually look like a bar. This means getting a few bits of appropriate furniture, so it looks the part. Bar stools are probably the most important pieces of furniture for any bar as they lend a real air of authenticity. A dart board or even a pool table can also add to that bar atmosphere.

Backyard bar ideas

DIY Porcelain Patio

Please see below for a few ideas of how you can create your very own backyard bar. The majority of the examples below are relatively easy to install providing you use a company that can supply you with right furniture.

  • An old sideboard can easily be repurposed and raised to provide the ideal garden bar. Place a few beer mats on it, decorate with some local beer stickers and job done. Depending on what type of effect you want, you may want to stain or colour it to a more appropriate ‘bar’ colour.
  • If you have a garden shed, you could install a hatch that you can serve drinks from. With some matching stools set up against the hatch and a level of surface on to which to place the drinks, you have yourself the perfect bar.
  • If you have a downstairs window facing the backyard, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t fashion a serving hatch. Providing the window is of a certain height, you can install stool to serve drinks from the inside.
  • Portable Pop-Up Bar – You can actually buy portable bars from some specialist outdoor furniture shops. These are generally small but accompanied by a large parasol and few stools, you have yourself a mini alfresco bar. These types of bars can also be folded up and stored away when the weather turns.

If your backyard is big enough and you have the budget, you can build a fully functional permanent bar. Simply get a few pictures of what you want the finished backyard bar to look like and show them to your builder. If the builders give the thumbs up to your suggested design, all you need to do is buy some appropriate stools and tables from an outdoor furniture specialist and you are open for business!

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