Caring for your product

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Take a look at these handy tips for taking the best care of your Wood Create wooden treasure

Upon delivery it’s important to let your table or desk adjust to its new environment before attaching the legs. Wood can expand or contract when there is a change in temperature and humidity which can pull against the metal leg frames and damage the boards or screws. Please allow the wood to settle for about 3 days before assembly.

To take care of your table, bench, shelf or custom item you will want to consider cleaning with suitable products. Items that are used regularly like dining tables may need new coats of varnish or wax oil applied after a few years of use.

Follow the below guides to get the best out of your item.

Cleaning your wooden treasure

cleaning tables

General day-to-day cleaning will be required for your items. Heavy use items such as dining tables and coffee tables that might have liquids and food spilt on them should be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth and a natural non-toxic surface cleaner. Always avoid using strong chemicals on your tables.

Shelving units and other items may only require occasional dusting and cleaning with a natural non-toxic cleaning product.

You can try the following trusted brands:

  1. Iron & Velvet – for a zero waste option
  2. Ecover multi action spray
  3. Method

Re-applying varnish or oil


After a few years your item may show signs of wear, especially with heavy use. Should this be the case you will want to consider adding a fresh layer of varnish or wax oil to add a few more years of protection.

Our tables are coated in a protective stain varnish and in some cases an additional protective wax oil. If you’d like to refresh your item then look for a Ronseal Interior Varnish in the correct colour. Apply 2 coats of varnish to the required area with a brush or lint free cloth leaving at least 1 hour between coats.

For further protection on heavy use items such as dining tables you can use a clear Osmo Wax Oil. One additional coat of this wax oil should be enough to protect your piece for many more years.

Splits and cracks in the wood

cracking wood

Your wood item is made from solid reclaimed spruce wood. With changes in temperature and humidity the wood can warp and crack in places. Whilst this is completely natural, there are a few things you can do to help minimise this movement.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight where possible
  2. Avoid sudden vast changes in temperature. During winter it’s recommended to allow your item to acclimatise to a warmer house slowly. Place the item in a well ventilated, cool room, before turning up the heat.
  3. During cold winter months place a bowl of water in the corner of the room which will slowly evaporate into the room. This will increase the humidity in the room, matching that of our cooler workshop.
  4. During hot summer months consider using a dehumidifier in the room during the first few months whilst the wood acclimatises.
  5. Always allow plenty of fresh air to circulate throughout the room for the first month or so.