chair mats

Chair mats – an effective way to protect your floor!

What is essential in a home office or student’s room? Of course, a good desk, allowing for comfortable work and keeping everything necessary at hand. The chair is equally important – choosing the right one is of great importance for the health of the spine and the comfort of work. There is something else that is extremely useful and often overlooked when arranging a workspace, and that is a chair pad! This little detail will protect the floor against any damage caused by shuffling or moving a chair.

chair mats

Chair mats – comfort, design and security

Why is it worth using floor mats under chairs? Primarily for securing the floor. Regardless of whether it has tiles, panels or natural wood – no surface can withstand the continuous movement of heavy objects on it. Chair mats protect the surface from dents and scratches from swivel chair wheels or chair legs. In addition, made of appropriate materials, they provide excellent acoustic insulation, which will prove useful when working or studying at night. In winter, the chair mat also makes sitting at the desk more pleasant – as it insulates against the cold floor. Finally – an interesting placemat can also be a decoration in the room.

Which chair mat to choose?

Size, material and design – here’s what to consider when choosing chair mats. First of all, the mat should be sized according to the chair’s manoeuvrability. As for the material – the most popular are vinyl mats, durable and easy to clean. In turn, choosing the right pattern is an individual matter. If there is no carpet in the room – you can go crazy with the motif. If, on the other hand, there is any decoration on the floor – the pad should be one-colour and discreet so as not to disturb the arrangement concept.

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