Create a stylish living room with these top tips

Create a stylish living room with these top tips

The living room is the centre of your home. It’s where you entertain guests, watch TV as a family and chill out after a long day at work. So, it’s important to make sure that it’s stylish, sophisticated and comfortable.

While everyone has different tastes and preferences, there are certain ways to ensure a room oozes style. Here are some tips to create a stylish living room.

Statement lighting

Many people overlook lighting in their living room. But lighting is key in creating a mood. If you want your living room to feel relaxed and cosy, you’ll need lights that can be dimmed and come in warm colours.

Alternatively, you can make a statement with bold lighting pieces like hanging lights or hand crafted designs. And don’t forget to pay attention to your bulbs. These can change the way the light looks, and energy saving ones like LED bulbs can save money, too (discover the best use of LED bulbs for living areas). 

Window dressings

Your windows are important in the living room. In the day, you’ll want natural light shining through to create brightness and colour. But, at night, you’ll want stylish curtains or blinds to shut out the darkness.

So, think about the way you decorate your windows. Do you want curtains or blinds? What colours will you choose?

Don’t forget to put some decoration on the window sill, too, such as potted plants or photo frames. A living room should have several well-chosen items to catch the eye.

The perfect coffee table

No living room is complete without the perfect coffee table. Where else would you put your cup of coffee?

Finding the perfect coffee table can be difficult, but you won’t be stuck for options. For a classic look, go for natural solid wood with drawers to keep mess at bay.

Or, if you’re after something more modern or minimalist, try stainless steel, gold or glass.

Don’t forget to pick some fun coasters to avoid stains.

Non-stain furniture

Speaking of stains, your living room won’t look stylish if your sofa is covered in them. Unfortunately, stains aren’t always avoidable, especially if you have small children.

Your best bet is to buy furniture that doesn’t show stains, or that is easy to clean. Fake leather is great at wiping stains of quickly and easily. Many sofas come with a protective coating that repels stains.

Avoid anything too light such as cream or baby blue. If you’re worried, find some cheap stylish throws that you don’t mind bearing the brunt of the spillages. 

Cosy rugs

A living room needs a rug, especially if you have floorboards. It’s important for a living room to feel homely, and that means having something soft under your toes. But finding the right stylish rug can be challenging.

Good quality rugs are expensive and cheaper versions can run the risk of looking tacky or cheap.

However, it is doable. Look out for good deals online and go to designer outlet stores for lower prices. Try finding a preloved rug using online marketplaces. Finding the perfect stylish rug for a fraction of its cost new will be worth the effort.  

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