Creating a force of feng shui in your lounge

To create feng shui is to create a positive energy, so as you’ve probably guessed, creating a force of feng shui in the context of your home is to create a living space that’s fuelled with positive energy. What are the benefits of creating feng shui in your home, we hear you ask? There are many different reasons as to why people try out the powers of feng shui, but usually it’s to promote wellness, strengthen relationships, and some even report that it helps improve fertility. So, if you’re looking to create more of a positive energy in your home, take a look at these ideas on how you can create a force of feng shui in your lounge.

Creating a force of feng shui in your lounge


Arrange your furniture to promote positive energy

How do you achieve this? It’s fairly simple actually. You may have been in some homes where the furniture arrangement simply doesn’t make sense, and that’s something you should keep in mind for your lounge. Things like avoiding having backs of sofas facing you where possible and arranging your furniture in such a way where your lounge isn’t an obstacle course is what you want to aim for.  It’s about creating a calm, accessible environment.

Promote conversation in your lounge

Positive energy can arise from many situations, but one of the most popular is conversation with those closest to you. Make sure that your seating is slightly turned towards each other so that you’re promoting conversation and human interaction.

Create a centrepiece for mood enhancement

Having a centrepiece or a ‘focal point’ in a room is a great way of sparking conversation and also, a great decorating technique. However, did you know that a centrepiece can help with mood enhancement? Having something to relax your eyes upon can do wonders for the soul!

Declutter your lounge

Clutter in any room can scramble your mind, and since the lounge is usually a place for relaxing and entertaining, it’s important to completely declutter the room so that not only can your mind relax, but you can also achieve a positive flow of feng shui.  Keep the room minimal aside from seating areas, your focal point and necessities like a rug or fireplace.

Choose furniture with soft edges

Square coffee tables, harsh edged sofas, and even rectangular rugs all create a sense of hostility within a room. Choosing furniture with soft or rounded edges will help maintain a healthy force of feng shui in your lounge.

Use plants to help accelerate healthy energy

Finally, using plants in your lounge to add finishing touches is a great way of adding a breath of fresh air (literally) into your lounge.  They will promote a calm environment and also help to purify the air Not only that, plants help accelerate healthy energy in the room to create the feng shui you’re after.

To create a positive energy in a room then you simply need to create a positive environment that is relaxing and keeps your mind clutter free as well as your home.

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