Home Decorating and Styling for Small Homes

During this pandemic, we had much more time to pay attention to the little things around us. Then people noticed that, just like individuals, our homes also need our attention. Some may consider this a tough job updating lots of things but it isn’t rocket science. These simple tips including the use of tempered glass are great ways to make your small home feel much bigger and functional.

With the help of these little yet top-trending styling ideas, your task will become much easier. Apart from this, bring glass furniture or simply go for custom cut glass table tops for your dining and coffee tables. This addition will enhance the value of your small spaces. 

Add Smart Lights to Floor Lamps

smart bulb lamps

The idea of bringing smart lights to modern home trends will just leave you in awe. That’s because smart lights save energy as well as bring unique lighting to your space. If you own a small house, this is a brilliant hack to adopt. Floor lamps are far more compatible with modern homes, as they are sleek, stylish, and just handy. 

Light-Coloured Paint on Walls

white walls desk

Another low-budget trending styling idea is to just shift your wall colours to light or neutral tones. This is because light colours bring an illusion of wider space as well as light up the room more. Or simply enhance the look of your small living room by complementing any earth tone for your walls.

Wall Built-In Shelves

glass shelves

Do you know? One of the main reasons for cluttered and small spaces is, we over-filled the space with stuff. Especially if you own a small space, never buy heavy furniture and over-decorate the space with lots of decorative items. Allow your small spaces to be mess-free with built-in wall shelves. 

Now, your walls are your storage spaces! A wall with built-in shelves marks a modern impression of your small and well-decorated house.

Tip: If you don’t have the built-in shelves, order some tempered glass cut to size glass shelves to store books or any other lightweight decorative articles. This act makes your little spaces appear bigger, as they aren’t messed up now. 

Glass Furniture or Add a Glass Tabletop

glass table

Bring everything to your little spaces but with some strategy. Prefer glass tables for your little kitchen, eating area, or for coffee. Either way, order a custom cut glass tabletop for your furniture. A glass tabletop not only provides maximum protection against scratches but also reflects the light and spreads it thoroughly. 

Get Creative with Walls – Add Mirrors to Them

round mirror

Show some creativity and inspire your friends! As far as walls are concerned, firstly, change the paint to a neutral tone or install a light-tone floral wallpaper. Another valuable suggestion is to add decorative Wall Mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to make small space look bigger than they actually are. Light is allowed to flow easily around the space.


It’s up to you how you want to decorate your tiny spaces with these tricks! Painting your walls, adding glass furniture and floor lamps are the trendy decorating ideas you can opt to make your small homes appear larger enough.

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