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Different Ways To Create An Exposed Brick Wall

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love an exposed brick wall inside a house.  There’s something so cool about it.  Whether it screams rustic charm, warehouse chic or even, as my husband Ben thinks, it has an industrial edge, I just love them.  Natural coloured bricks really give a cosy feel, particularly in a living area with an open fire or log burner.  On the other hand, white painted bricks create a stunning visual impact when adorning bedrooms.

If you dislike plain walls, then incorporating a brick wall can be a brilliant way to introduce texture and add interest to a room. If you desire the minimalist aesthetic of white walls but find them somewhat dull, a painted white brick wall serves as an ideal compromise. It allows you to maintain the white colour while avoiding monotony and injecting a touch of character.

Exposed brick wall living room

You don’t have to hire a bricky to get your desired look and it can even be achieved by DIY.  Here are a few ideas to get the exposed brick wall effect in your home:

Uncover the natural brick

If you know there is a natural brick wall under the plaster, which is usually the case in older homes, then your best bet is to expose the real brick wall itself if it’s in good condition. 

Here’s a brief guide on how to remove plaster and expose a brick wall:

  1. Prepare the area: Clear the room of furniture and cover the floor and any remaining items with protective sheets or plastic to minimize dust and debris.
  2. Gather the necessary tools: You will need safety goggles, a dust mask, gloves, a hammer, a masonry chisel, a pry bar and a utility knife.
  3. Start with a small test area: Choose a discreet spot on the wall and carefully use the utility knife to score the plaster surface. This will help you determine the thickness and condition of the plaster.
  4. Begin the removal process: Start by using the hammer and chisel to create a small hole or crack in the plaster. Work your way around the edges of the hole, gently prying and chiselling away larger sections of plaster.
  5. Take caution: Be mindful of any electrical wiring, pipes, or other hidden elements within the wall. If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult a professional to avoid potential hazards.
  6. Work systematically: Continue removing the plaster in small sections, gradually moving across the wall. Use the pry bar to loosen larger sections and the chisel to chip away stubborn areas.
  7. Clean up debris: Regularly clear away the plaster debris to maintain a clean work area. Use a broom, vacuum cleaner, or dustpan and brush to collect the plaster remnants.
  8. Inspect and repair the brick wall: Once the plaster is removed, assess the condition of the exposed brick and repoint the mortar where necessary.
  9. Finish the exposed brick wall: Depending on your desired aesthetic, you can leave the brick as it is or apply a sealant or paint for a polished look. Ensure the wall is thoroughly cleaned before proceeding with any finishing touches.

I found this video very useful as a guide to removing plaster from a wall.

Removing plaster can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. If you’re uncertain or uncomfortable with the task, it’s advisable to seek the help of experienced professionals to ensure the best results and maintain safety.

Brick Slips – The Perfect Interior Brick Wall Solution

Brick slips, also referred to as brick veneers, brick tiles, or old brick feature wall tiles, are a remarkable innovation in interior design. These tiles offer an incredibly authentic representation of a brick wall, as they closely resemble an actual brick with their external appearance. With a flat back surface, they provide a convenient solution for creating your very own brick wall, requiring only basic tiling experience.

Brick slips on Etsy finished
Brisk slips Etsy

Unparalleled Realism

Brick slips are meticulously designed to replicate the texture, color, and charm of traditional bricks. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, they capture the essence of a genuine brick wall, ensuring an impressive and realistic interior feature.

Easy Installation

The beauty of brick slips lies in their user-friendly installation process. With a flat back, they can be seamlessly affixed to any suitable surface using tile adhesive. Their lightweight nature simplifies handling and allows for flexible placement, making it possible for individuals with basic tiling skills to create their own brick wall without hassle.

Brick slips on Etsy spacers
Brisk slip installation with spacers – Etsy

If you’re familiar with tiling then this is an easy task to provide an authentic brickwork effect wall that most won’t be able to differentiate between a real brick wall.

Versatility at its Finest

Brick slips offer endless possibilities in terms of interior design. They can be used to create striking feature walls in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even commercial spaces. The diverse range of colours, finishes, and sizes available in brick slips allows for customization, enabling you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your space.

Durable and Low Maintenance

These ingenious tiles are not only visually appealing but also built to last. Made from durable materials, brick slips are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and requiring minimal maintenance. Their smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze, making them a practical choice for both residential and commercial applications.

brick slips tiles

A Sustainable Choice

Embracing brick slips also means embracing sustainability. Many brick slips are crafted from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bricks. By incorporating brick slips into your interior design, you contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint while still enjoying the timeless beauty of brick.

In conclusion, brick slips are a brilliant solution for achieving an authentic interior brick wall. With their realistic appearance, ease of installation, versatility, durability, and sustainable qualities, these innovative tiles offer a fantastic way to transform any space into a captivating haven of rustic charm and timeless elegance.

Embrace the Illusion with Printed Wallpaper

In the past decade, printed wallpaper has undergone remarkable advancements, thanks to cutting-edge digital printing technology. The result is an array of stunning options that mimic the appearance of real brick walls with astonishing accuracy. From 3D brick prints that are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article unless observed up close, to textured vinyl wallpapers that create a remarkably realistic impression even from a distance, the choices are endless.

brick print wallpaper
Brick print wallpaper – double sided – Etsy

With these advancements, installing printed wallpaper has become an accessible and convenient option for achieving the desired aesthetic. It allows you to effortlessly introduce the charm of brick walls without the need for construction or extensive renovations. Whether you desire an urban industrial look, rustic farmhouse vibes, or contemporary chic, printed wallpaper offers an effective solution to elevate your space.

brick wallpaper etsy black
Slate brick effect wallpaper Etsy

From living rooms and bedrooms to offices and retail spaces, printed brick wallpapers have the versatility to enhance various environments. They provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional brickwork, all while offering easy installation and the ability to change styles when desired.

Explore Your Artistic Side with Stencils

If the idea of tiling or wallpapering seems daunting and you prefer the simplicity of paint and a brush, using a brick wall stencil is an excellent alternative. With an extra-large stencil, you can effortlessly recreate the look of a brick wall with paint. These stencils can often be found for purchase on platforms like Etsy, and other similar outlets are likely to offer them as well.

Brick stencil from Etsy

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can design your own stencil using a large and sturdy sheet of cardboard. This allows you to customize the size and style of the bricks, giving you full creative control over your faux brick wall project. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your unique vision to life.

Brick stencil from Etsy finished

Embrace the Convenience of Vinyl Wall Stickers

For a hassle-free way to achieve the look of a brick wall, consider using large vinyl wall stickers. These stickers feature 3D textured brick images or even photographs, providing a realistic and visually striking effect. Whether you opt for a single large sticker or a series of smaller ones, vinyl wall stickers offer several advantages over traditional wallpaper.

Vinyl wall stickers brick effect pack
Vinyl wall stickers Etsy

Quick and Easy Installation: Hanging vinyl wall stickers is a breeze compared to wallpaper. With their adhesive backing, you can simply peel and stick them onto the desired surface. This saves you time and effort, making the process quick and convenient.

Vinyl wall stickers brick effect easy
Vinyl wall stickers Etsy

Removable and Temporary: Some vinyl wall stickers are designed to be removable, allowing you to change your wall decor without leaving any trace. This is particularly useful for temporary changes or if you’re renting a space and want to avoid permanent alterations.

Vinyl wall stickers brick effect wall
Vinyl wall stickers Etsy

Versatile and Customizable: Vinyl wall stickers come in a variety of sizes and designs, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that best suits your preferences and space. Whether you want a single statement piece or a patterned arrangement, vinyl wall stickers offer endless possibilities for customization.

No Mess or Cleanup: Unlike with wallpaper, there is no need for paste or water when using vinyl wall stickers. This eliminates the mess and hassle associated with wallpaper application and cleanup.

While vinyl wall stickers provide convenience and flexibility, it’s important to note that they may not offer the same level of depth and texture as other methods, such as brick slips or stencilling. However, they are an excellent choice for those seeking a quick, removable, and customizable solution to transform their walls into captivating brick masterpieces.


There are numerous approaches to achieving the captivating brick wall look within your home. If you’re fortunate to have a natural brick wall that can be exposed, nothing quite matches the authenticity and charm it brings. However, even if you don’t have a pre-existing brick wall, there are still plenty of options to create a realistic and visually stunning alternative that won’t strain your budget.

Throughout this post, I explored four different methods: brick slips, printed wallpaper, stenciling, and vinyl wall stickers. Each approach offers its own set of advantages and considerations. Brick slips provide an authentic feel but require professional installation and come at a higher cost. Printed wallpaper offers a wide range of designs and is budget-friendly, but may lack the physical texture of real bricks. Stenciling allows for customization and artistic expression, while vinyl wall stickers offer convenience and temporary changes.

Ultimately, your choice of exposed brick wall depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desired level of authenticity. By considering the various options and finding the one that best suits your needs, you can transform your space into a remarkable haven of brick-inspired beauty.

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